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10 Effective Hacks To Make Your Hair Thicker

10 Effective Hacks To Make Your Hair Thicker

Although, thin hair can be a result of our DNA, changing our lifestyle habits and hair care routine, can be the ultimate key to beautiful thick hair. We all want thick and healthy hair, but not everyone is lucky enough to sport that touchable, voluminous, soft and silky mane. And for some of those who think their hair is thick, is it actually thick, or is it only dense?

Sometimes, depending on your hair type, you may think the grass is greener on the other side. Those who have curly hair may dream of having straight hair. Or those who have thick hair may be fantasizing of thin ones. But, the number of people who want to go from thin to thick, outweighs the former group of people. Thick has the tendency to look more voluminous and healthy at the same time.

So, it looks like no one or just a few want to sport limp and flat hair, so for all those who belong to this group and want to get some thick strands and a fuller look of their mane, we have some good news. Follow the list of a few great tips and tricks below, to have the hair Rapunzel sports and everyone envies.

healthier and thicker hair

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels


1. Don’t overwash!

A healthy scalp should be free of dirt and oils, but always not too dry. It turns out overwashing can dry out your hair, so the less shampoo you use, the more hydrated your hair will be. Also, you may want to consider a sulfate-free shampoo; which will help your hair preserve its natural oils.


2. Stimulate your scalp

Prior to washing, massage your scalp for thirty seconds. Massaging can help in blood flow and circulation, which can eventually boost growth.


3. Choose a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Conditioning your hair should not be a skipped step, as the more hydrated your hair is, the less likely is to dry out and split. When it comes to choosing your shampoo, make sure to pick a thickening one which will help your hair create volume and texture.


4. Take supplements

There are many supplements out there which will give your hair a boost, by helping reduce breakage and increase hydration. So, to give your hair a healthier hair use Biotin (vitamin b7), vitamin c, or niacin (vitamin b3).


5. Give your hair a short haircut

Having longer hair doesn’t always mean thicker. In reality, long hair looks even thinner since it’s weighed down by the length. So, if you want a more voluminous hair look, consider cutting your hair at your shoulders or above.


6. Tease

Teasing your hair roots a little bit will only give your hair texture and volume. Don’t worry! You won’t transform into a full-on 1980s rock star.


7. Apply a root lifter to your roots

Having hair flat will make your hair look thinner it actually is. So, without much effort, you can give your hair a bounce with a root lifter. Apply it on your roots and tease your hair with your hands, and voila!

You can also use dry shampoo along your roots to give you all-day volume.


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8. Use a ceramic brush

Brushes can create split ends if you are not careful while using them. So, grab a wide-tooth or a ceramic brush and try gently running it from your ends, slowly unlocking the knots, to your root.

Using the right brushing tools it’s especially important when you blow-dry your hair, so it won’t look flat and thin. We recommend you go for a ceramic brush as the right post-shower tool when blow drying your hair.


9. Add a few highlights

For those who are always ready to experience with their hair color, adding a few highlights to your hair may be the right and an easy way to go. Highlights may create an illusion of more voluminous tresses due to the variety of colors.

healthier and thicker hair

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels


10. Dye your scalp

No matter how thick your hair may look, it’s your scalp than gives you away. Pick a scalp dye or a coloring spray that matches the color of your hair and apply it on your scalp. Yay! No more roots! Enjoy your gorgeous look!


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