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Easy And Delicious Egg Recipes For Any Meal

Easy And Delicious Egg Recipes For Any Meal

Let’s agree that eggs take the cake in the kitchen. There are plenty egg recipes you can try out, and they will leave you impressed each time!

Eggs are just about anywhere, in any recipe! If you specialize egg cooking, then you know how to make just about anything around the kitchen. They are part of plenty cake recipes, whipping a soufflé, or even making that perfect pasta Carbonara creamy and delicious sauce consistency!

Since eggs have such a great nutrition and are inexpensive, in this scroll we outline some of the best egg recipes you can add to your breakfast, lunch or dinner rotation!

1. Avocado Egg Recipe

The first egg recipe consists of avocado, egg yolk, and your favorite toppings. Depending on how many people are there for the meal, you can mix different flavors. After bringing the ingredients together, bake at 180°C for 30 minutes! Enjoy your meal!

 Avocado Egg Recipe

2. Omelette & salami recipe

Another way to cook eggs is to do an omelette, but not just any kind! For this one mix salami, spring onions and cheese. After frying them for a while, transfer to a plate and fold it up just like it was a sandwich! Egg sandwiches never sounded better.

 Omelette & salami recipe

3. Eggs recipe with veggies

It’s time to do a mix of eggs and veggies, how great does that one sound? This recipe is best for crowds. In a bowl mix lots of eggs, and thhen get yourself some cut plastic bottles which will serve as cooking dishes. Cut the bottles in half and pour some of the eggs into all of them. Finally, start adding the fillings starting from bell peppers, chicken slices, salmon, to paprika and spring onions, that all depends on you. Arrange the bottle cups into a tray filled with water, bring to boil and it’s ready to be served after a couple of minutes!

 Eggs recipe with veggies

4. Egg cupcakes

Egg cupcakes DO exist, and in this recipe you’re about to learn how to do that! In a cupcake tray arrange bacon all around, add eggs and cheese atop! Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. You can top it off with spring onions and paprika after it has cooked!

Egg cupcakes

5. Boiled eggs with rice

Egg balls combined with rice and bacon are a thing, and it’s very delicious! Spread some flour to boiled eggs, wrap them with seasoned rice and bacon! Add sugar atop and then fry for 3 minutes. Enjoy these deliciously cooked eggs!

 Boiled eggs with rice

There are some more ways you can creatively mix up eggs with your favorite flavors to get the perfect dish! Watch more of these egg recipes in the video above.

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