Move Over Pizza Rat, Egg Roll Squirrel Is Here To Steal The Show

2019 is sure off to a great start, as only on the second day of the year, we were presented with a sight to be remembered for the ages. Something you most likely have not encountered before, and probably will not forget any time soon.

I am not talking about a rare natural phenomenon, we did not get visited by aliens, nor did a meteor shower suddenly pass by. No, it was something better. We all got to witness, thanks to the lovely people of Twitter, a squirrel chomping down on an egg roll while standing on a tree in New York City. Twitter user WhatIsNewYork shared a video of the moment, captioning it, “Doesn’t look like this squirrels first egg roll.”

Now, that squirrel is definitely living the American dream.

Source: WhatIsNewYork


However, as this Twitter user aptly puts it, Egg Roll Squirrel has now stolen the spotlight from Pizza Rat, unfortunately. But alas, we must keep with the times…

Source: Allison


People are already changing their allegiances.

Source: Bill Thomas


But while it’s a piece of happy news, people do have some justified concerns:

Source: Hal Kaiser


But on the other hand, there’s this old New York saying: “If a squirrel finds his egg roll and sees his shadow, spring will arrive early. ” (Don’t quote us on this.)

Source: Leonard Benardo


And it appears as though Egg Roll Squirrel’s newfound fame has prompted him to set up his own Twitter account to keep his fans up to date.

And he is not messing around.

Nor is he letting anyone mess around with him.

But he does have some occasional bad days…

And this even led to some family reunions:

Happy New Year everyone!


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