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These 10 Pictures Show How Weight Loss Can Affect Your Face

These 10 Pictures Show How Weight Loss Can Affect Your Face

With all these ‘beauty standards’ flying from left to right and vice-versa, all society has in mind is to fit into those. Whether opting for body alteration going through plastic surgeries, or, in some of the cases going for drastic diets to have the ‘perfect‘ body, people are embracing changes more than they ever did before.

I mean, as long as one feels happy and confident about how they look, no one should care about the ‘beauty standards.’ In my opinion, whatsoever, you should have in mind that you are in charge of your life, and what impact have beauty standards on you, it is all up to you. As long as you have the power to decide what’s best for your body, which means, forever, you choose whether it is the time to lose weight, or not.

People’s idea of being content varies from one another. By this said, if being content and confident for you means opting for lip injection, losing weight, a nose job, a boob job, or, whatever the ‘job’ could be, then, go for it. Nevertheless, if you’re happy and content just the way you are, but someone has at some point in your life told you, you need changes in a particular body part, then, this is the perfect time for you to take the control into your own hands, and not let anyone impact your love towards your body.

However, the reason why people embrace the changes in the body is not always the ‘beauty standards.’ Sometimes, these body changes have a positive effect on one’s health. Such as, losing weight, having a nose intervention and not only.

The transformations people are embracing nowadays, especially the weight loss ones, cannot go without being noticed. This is why, we have made a collection for you dear reader to witness yourself the changes in people’s faces after undergoing weight loss transformations.


1. Is it even the same person?

This guy has lost 110 Lbs in 7 years, and these are the before and after pics.

Credit: Reddit


2. Look at that haircut.

From 260 Lbs to 190. Bottom line, this is what a 70 Lbs loss does to your face.

Credit: Reddit



3. She looks happy and healthy

She underwent a 70 Lbs transformation.

Credit: Reddit



4. Before and After

The girl in the picture has been obese since she could remember. She lost 82 Lbs in 4 years.

Credit: Reddit


5. The cutest

This beautiful lady(in both of the pictures) lost 120 Lbs naturally.

Credit: Instagram


6. Shout out to the guy

He for sure went into a great transformation with the weight loss. But, let’s not leave aside his hairstyle transformation as well.

Credit: Facebook


7. Over a year transformation

Believe it or not, after this girl lost 105 Lbs, she actually had to look at her passport photo again.

Credit: Reddit


8. Weight loss progress

The weight loss has really removed off years of this woman.

Credit: Imgur


9. The guy who used to be called ‘fat and ugly’

We are glad for him to hear that he never lost motivation and losing 46 Lbs he now is a model.

Credit: Reddit


10. The officer to be

The girl in the picture is now a high blood pressure free, diabetes free and healthy. She’s in the process of joining the military as an officer.

Credit: Reddit

Now, these transformations are really something to look up for, not because of their weight, but because of improving one’s health condition.

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