A Couple Witnesses Elephants Stopping At Their Hotel For Quick Drink In Pool

Africa straddles the equator which bestows a rich diversity of wildlife and landscapes on the world’s second largest continent. Large predators roam the sweeping savannas among huge herds of grazing herbivores, while apes, monkeys, and snakes inhabit its dark, dense forests. Widely regarded as the place where human life originated, Africa is home to many of the world’s best-loved and most fascinating animals, as well as to some of its most endangered.

So, when you go to Africa you are expecting to see animals of different kinds, of course. But, if you are lying by the pool, getting some sun rays and chilling; you would not be expecting three massive bulls to waltz up and start drinking the pool water, or would you?

This happened to a couple in South Africa and I can’t help but wonder how would I react if I would be in their position. The life scenario itself happening, it’s very interesting, though. Watch it in the video below:




While the elephants drink, make the classic noises of their communication, you can see the couple lying still on their loungers, enjoying it. The guy who filmed the video said:

“We were absolutely amazed by what was happening.

The elephants did not seem bothered by the presence of the people and casually continued to drink water out of the pool.

One of the most amusing sights we have seen in a long time.”


In their fair share of interaction with humans, the smaller-eared cousin of African elephants also takes part. Just recently an elephant was videoed entering the kitchen of an army base in West Bengal. When the Army officials saw the elephant who was looking for food, they can be heard blaring warning sirens to keep personnel away. Then, they drove out the visitor with firecrackers.


Among tea gardens and forests in the foothills of western Bhutan, the Binnaguri cantonment nursing Army Medical Corps is nestled. Elephants from the surrounding forests, are attracted by the lush green foliage, fruit trees, and grass. When the elephant came in there, an official who was present there said:

“Two years ago an entire herd had entered the campus and even killed a contract worker.

We are used to elephants and know how to deal with them. There is not much human-animal conflict in this area.”


elephants pool quick drink

According to Elephants Forever, the elephant’s brain is the most sizeable, at a mass of just over 5kg. When we consider the behaviors and abilities of these animals, the need for such a large and complex organ becomes clear. Complex emotions such as joy, playfulness, grief, and mourning can be felt by elephants.

Elephants are also able to learn new facts and behaviors, mimic sounds they hear, self-medicate, perform artistic activities and display compassion and self-awareness.


Source: Unilad


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