Get Your Mermaid Look With These Beautifully Embellished Fishnet Tights

Fabric, fishnet tights, gems, glitter and floral details are the things that occupy most space in Lirika Matoshi’s design studio in Brox, New York City. The 20-year-old first began her business by making chokers, gloves and different headpieces. However, people saw these unique, handmade pieces and they became interested in buying them. That is when Matoshi turned it into a real business. Concerning her business, she said:

“I had some fishnets in my closet, and then I just tried them out, put flowers on them, and took a picture of them. I didn’t expect to sell them, I just made them for fun. A lot of people on Instagram really wanted them, and they asked me if I could sell them.”

Matoshi’s number 1 inspiration is nature itself. From a starry night sky to different types of flowers, or even bugs.  These fishnets are highly detailed, unexpected and completely unique. So, if you ever want to feel like a live mermaid, then you could use these tights, all thanks to Lirika.

However, the price is quite high. It retails somewhere around $150 to $350. It may sound expensive but Matoshi says that there’s quite a lot of handwork that is needed for the brilliant final results.

“The price is reasonable for what we do. The making process takes a lot of time and effort and detailed work. We are providing the highest quality of tights, everything is handmade, and each single flower that is attached in the tights is made by hand. I created a worldwide trend, and most importantly, I came up with a really unique idea of using a certain machine that attaches all these details on the tights, which is our secret recipe.”



This ‘Sunset’ pair of fishnets with such warm colors are a sight for sore eyes.


These ‘Beneath the Sea’ ones have so many details that it is not surprising they cost a fortune…$399.99.


One of Lirika’s specialties is also adorned lingerie. These details are breathtaking.


Lirika’s fame arose off Instagram. When she first began working on these designs, she posted them on her Instagram page. Due to their pleasing aesthetics, plenty of other Instagram pages shared her posts, which resulted in her gaining followers and along with them, fame.

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Source: The Cut