Eminem Praised Chris D’Elia’s “Incredible” Impression Of Him

The comedian has been impersonating the 46-year-old rapper for quite some time, but his latest gig caught the attention of Slim Shady himself.

Eminem saw Chris Delia’s recent performance and was so impressed that he immediately took to Twitter to praise the comedian. His impression was so good and accurate, the rapper actually mistook Delia for himself. Considering the rapper’s unique style, it’s not easy imitating him.

But hey, at least D’Elia knows that if he ever decides to quit acting, he will certainly have a successful career as a rapper.

The clip which was shared on YouTube, shows the comedian as he mimics Eminem’s 2017’s BET cypher. You can watch it below.

Chris D’Elia

D’Elia, dressed in a hoodie, walks around the abandoned garage and freestyles while impersonating Slim Shady’s voice, rhyming almost anything he sees in the garage which is a few boxes, and some mysterious stuff pretty much everyone keeps there.

Em shared on Twitter the comedian’s video hailing his performance as “incredible.” He wrote:

This is INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!!

Shortly after, D’Elia responded to the 46-year-old and thanked him for reaching out, along with a goat emoji meaning the “Greatest Of All Time.”

You’re the man for this. And for everything before this.

Hands down, his videos are hilarious and pretty accurate. Definitely worth watching.


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Okay, we want a collab between the two.


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