Emirates’ Airline Posted A “Diamond Covered” Plane And People Are Going Crazy

You would think that by now people have done pretty much everything. You think about something and someone has already thought of it and done it. The latest internet’s obsession is a plane covered in diamonds and crystals. People are loving it!

Who would think about doing this right?

Well, Emirates airline recently posted a picture of this plane and it looks just as fabulous as you would think. The plane is called “Bling” 777. Named after the Boeing 777 aircraft. The plane was pictured beside the baggage carts and shuttle bus vehicles. And it was created by Sara Shakeel.

The plane is 63.7 meters or 73.9 meters long. Which means it would take a lot of diamonds to cover the entire Boeing. And of course, people on the internet immediately reacted to the Emirates’ airline’s post. A few of the people wanted to know if the plane actually took off and some other thought this was a way of the airline’s to “show off” their money.

Some were concerned that it would weigh down the plane and it wouldn’t be able to take off.

Some people didn’t think that the “Bling” plane was real.

Well, the post was an artwork done by award-winning crystal artist Sara Shakeel and she posted it on her Instagram account.


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She even posted a picture of a plane wing flying, and down you can see crystal-studded clouds.


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I would say it is really sad that is fake. What did you think of it?


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Source: Yahoo