Emotional Video Of An Alabama Bride Dancing With Terminally Ill Father Takes Internet By Storm

December 29 was an important day for an Alabama woman as she got married to the love of her life. However, as cheerful as a wedding can be, for Mary Bourne Butts her wedding day was also an emotional and a very poignant one.

The new bride shared the dance floor with her terminally ill father, Jim and not only guests but also people behind the screens couldn’t hold their tears from the touching dance.

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According to Al.com Jim suffers from glioblastoma – an incurable form of brain cancer. Anyways, the disease was not a barrier for father and daughter to hit the floor happily together.

Mary is a professional dance teacher and it was not hard for her to dance along with her father who is on a wheelchair. Thus, It didn’t take long for the video to go viral all over the internet with more than 395.837 views and over 700 comments.

One person commented: “I’ve never seen a better or sweeter Father-Daughter dance.

Another one said: “Mary, I don’t know you, but how wise you are to be so young. Your father created a special one in you. How lucky you have such a good dad and love him so. Prayers to your family.”

Yet another gushed: “What a special, brave young lady. Her parents are the best example of true love. What a beautiful legacy.

Emotional Video Alabama Bride

The morning ceremony was held at St. Francis at the Point Church in Point Clearm then a brunch ceremony followed at The Grand Hotel with around 175 guests in presence.

Father and daughter danced on the tunes of the 2000’s classic tune “I Hope You Dance,”. This song was their favorite since Mary was a little girl. According to what the bride told Fox News on Jan.5: “We had always planned to use the song – we weren’t sure how he was going to even feel that day – we just knew that we were going to do it somehow.

Emotional Video Alabama Bride

The family was completely surprised as they didn’t expect the video to go viral all over the internet. Mother of the bride Tracy Roberts also spoke:

It’s been great to see people touched by the love they share – we’re used to seeing it all the time! Our family has been through so much since Jim’s diagnosis. It was awesome to be able to celebrate Mary Bourne [together]… the dance was a dream come true for both of them.


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Source: Foxnews