16 Fiancee Comments About Their Engagement Rings That Are Just Rude

Women are often just crazy about their engagement rings. It’s a special day, a special ring and they just want to look at it forever. But some people just can’t help but be rude. Here are sixteen incredibly rude comments that fiancees gave about the engagement rings they were given, compiled by Diply.

1. Why ruin a good thing? If you personally don’t like the ring, it doesn’t mean someone else cannot


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2. Diamonds are a little overused so if your fiance knows you prefer a certain gem than a diamond, he’s the one

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3. Maybe you get rid of your friends instead? I mean, if you like the ring, that’s all that matters


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4. Wow, this must’ve been awkward…


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5. Siblings can often try and be funny so I wouldn’t take this comment to heart


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6. Maybe he just misunderstood and thought you were describing all the things you actually DO like


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7. So what if it does? If you both love it and it’s special for you two, enjoy it!


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8. And you did the right thing. A ring doesn’t decide your love for your partner.


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9. Regifting your engagement ring is probably not a good idea… especially for your mother in law!


10. Maybe we should focus to stop obsessing so much over how big the diamond is


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11. Be happy because now you can tell him what you DO like in a ring


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12. If it’s a family tradition ring, then it’s way more valuable than any diamond out there


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13. Try talking to him about it instead of hating yourself


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14. Is there a manual on what an engagement ring is supposed to look like?


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15. So classy


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16. Maybe it’s your vanity that’s ugly?


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