Enormous 12-Foot Bed That Can Fit The Whole Family Goes On Sale

Who doesn’t want to have a king-size bed? But, if a king-size bed just isn’t cutting it anymore for you and your family, and you want even more space to spread out, there is actually something better.

For all of those who want to enjoy quality time in front of the TV with the whole family, one company introduced a bed which makes a normal king-sized bed look tiny in comparison. This gigantic piece of furniture from The Ace Collection can easily fit four adults in the co-sleeping bed which means it will comfortably fit mom, dad, AND the kids. Now, letting your small ones sleep with you will be cuddly and cozy instead of uncomfortable and sleep-depriving. And even if this bed is meant for families, there is nothing stopping you from getting it just for yourself and your partner!

The Ace Collection has come up with a 12-foot-wide bed for their new super-sized line of high-quality mattresses and bedding


A bed that dares you to find a more comfortable and nice-looking one


Still, that comfort comes at a high price. The 44 inches wide and 80 inches long dream of a bed will cost you $2,500 for the frame and $2,750 for the mattress. When you add the fitted sheets, flat sheets, and four king-size pillowcases, it all adds up to more than $5,000.

We can all agree that is a lot of money for one bed, but even if you cannot really afford it, hey… a person can still dream, right?


You can order a mattress from The Ace Collection on their website, where they also sell bed frames to fit these beds that make the king-size appear minuscule. Unfortunately, at the moment, the beds only ship in the United States, but for all of our fellow sleepyheads in far-flung places out there, we keep our fingers crossed that this 12-foot giant of comfort soon makes its way to you.

Source: unilad

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