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The music industry's most popular stars walked on the red carpet at New York’s Radio City

If you've spent any sort of time on the internet lately, you'll have heard of the viral

Being the inspiration person that she is, it isn't really unusual for Beyoncé to set trends with

So, everybody knows actor Alec Baldwin, right? A post shared by Alec Baldwin (@alecbaldwininsta) on Jul 27,

Rihanna sure knows how to be outstanding at everything she does. She has managed to inspire many

Hey, all of Ariana's fans out there, did you know that you have been pronouncing Ariana's

Nick Jonas's heart is full from his now-fiance, Priyanka Chopra, just like our hearts are full

A lot of awesomely healthy celebs have turned out to be the ultimate fitspo, whose lifestyle, workout

You can always count on the Internet to supply our drama cravings, especially the people over on Twitter. What's