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Eugenie Bouchard And His Super Bowl Date Are Still Hanging Out

Who hasn’t got a crush on a famous person? For most of us, things don’t usually go beyond that stage. I mean, you can’t just ask them out on a date via social media or something like that, right? They will probably not even see your message, let alone even think of accepting it. But you’ll never know until you at least try.

That’s exactly what regular guy John Goehrke did: he gave it a shot. And he succeeded! Back in February, he scored a date with professional tennis player Eugenie Bouchard after she lost a Twitter bet they made about the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl. But that’s not the end of it, because the pair have recently hung out again!

Bouchard tweeted two pics in which she and John, known on Twitter as TW1, can be seen chilling on the couch. Is there love in the air? Or is it just friendship? We don’t know, and we can glean nothing from the captions the 23-year-old tennis player used. The first one said “Look who came to visit me! #superbowltwitterdate.” And the other photo, where the pair are sitting beneath a Snapchat filter mistletoe, says “Gettin in the Xmas spirit like”

Whatever the relationship between them, they look super cute together, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. And going by all the comments left on the post, one thing is clear: John has definitely won the respect and admiration of the online community.

A bet lost, a date won

The story began in February when Bouchard, currently 82nd on the WTA rankings, stated that she was sure that the Atlanta Falcons would win the Super Bowl. John seized the opportunity to ask her one a date. He commented on her post, “If Patriots win we go on a date?”

The American Football game ended with the New England Patriots triumphing over the Falcons 34-28, meaning that Bouchard had lost the bet. Being a woman of her word, the Canadian honoured the bet and agreed to the date.

eugenie bouchard

All’s well that ends well

Bouchard hadn’t met John before and, since his Twitter profile picture was one of Tiger Woods, it was somewhat of a gamble agreeing to go out with him. And, of course, given the public nature of the arranging of the date in the first place, it wasn’t as if they could just sneak in and out of the arena. The tennis star told the Yes Network:

“I’m in New York City for Sports Illustrated which came out this morning and I thought why not make the date happen sooner rather than later, there’s a Nets game tonight. I think it would be a great date idea, probably a less awkward than a one-on-one dinner since I didn’t know John.”

Things seem to have turned out for the best. Later,  Bouchard described their casual date at the basketball game as “normal;” and nowadays that seems like a great compliment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Eugenie Bouchard
Source: ladbible