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A Few Exercising Health Benefits You Should Know

A Few Exercising Health Benefits You Should Know

You don’t have to dig that much into research to understand that exercise is good for you, I mean, it is common sense. There is literally no chance that you didn’t at least once hear that working out is “healthy for the heart.” But like most people, including myself, that is still not enough motivation for you to break a sweat on a regular basis. The more scientists are researching on the topic, the more they find that exercising is actually THE medicine.

But what is exercise, really? Any type of movement that makes your muscles work and burn calories is defined as exercise. Sorry to break it to you, but yes, doing the chores and helping around the house can count as exercise too. So next time, don’t find zillions of excuses of why you can’t clean the dishes. But, there are many types of physical activity including swimming, jogging, walking and dancing to name a few.

All these movements that put your muscles to work are very beneficial for your life, both in the sense of your physical and mental condition. In fact, studies show that working out can even help you live longer.

exercising health benefits

In case the news of the linkage between exercise and longevity do not tempt you enough to hit the gym, there are a few other health benefits of working out I’ve researched.


1. Exercise is great for your mental health


Your brain will thank you. When you work out for a longer period of time, you will notice that your memory will get better, you’ll learn quicker and chances of you developing chronical depression will basically lower. Studies suggest that exercise can even prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, when you’re working out, your blood flow to the brain improves, thus, it feeds the growth of new blood vessels and even brain cells.


2. Working out helps you recover from illnesses


For a very long period of time, people have been thinking that ill people that suffered from different diseases should stay away from exercising. In fact, it is proven now that what we should stay away from, is such beliefs. Scientists are finding day by day that more and more people can and should exercise. A recent analysis showed that people who had a stroke and were recovering, exercise helped them fasten their recovery process. Plus, even at a more efficient degree.


3. Exercising will help your fat cells shrink


We all know that our bodies use carbohydrates and fat as fuel a.k.a energy sources. After we work out, the body starts burning fat. The longer we work out, the better our body gets at burning fat. Where does all that burned fat go? As it requires oxygen to convert it into energy, it gets released as dioxide carbon. As our bodies get used to exercising, they also get better at delivering oxygen. Thus, our whole cardiovascular system gets stronger, and as a result, fat cells shrink.

exercising health benefits

4. Exercise will help your skin health


Our bodies already contain antioxidants, but when we start working out on a regular basis, our bodies start naturally producing more and more antioxidants. If we combine it with food that is rich in antioxidants too, it will protect our skin cells even more. As a result, moderate and regular exercise can stimulate blood flow and induce skin cell adaption that can actually help and delay the appearance of skin aging.


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5. As well as your sleeping quality


Studies show that working out and sleep quality are actually intertwined. The more we work out and spend energy, the better our sleep gets. This can be partly due to the increased body temperature during working out that is thought to improve the sleep quality by helping it drop during sleep. The fact that sleep quality is linked to exercising is backed up by science too. Studies showed that 16 weeks of exercising were translated to 17 people who suffered from insomnia to sleep longer and more deeply. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to types of exercising. Simply aerobic exercises can do the trick, but also high-intensity training too.


6. Working out will improve your sexual life


If all of the above-mentioned health benefits don’t do the trick for you to start exercising, I’m assuming this one will. It’s been scientifically proven that exercise boosts your sex drive. As said earlier, exercise improves the cardiovascular system, blood flow, tone muscles, and flexibility, which all are important when it comes to your sexual life. A research that was conducted by observing middle-aged women found that they experienced more frequent orgasms when they incorporated exercise into their daily lives. As well a study of 178 men found that those who exercised more hours per week had higher sexual function scores.

exercising health benefits

So, will you be hitting the gym now? Let us know in the comments below.

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