16 Things That People Didn’t Know What They Were Until Internet Solved The Mystery

Where to you ask for help when you need an answer to a question? Google it? Yeah, but what if Google doesn’t have all the answers? Well, real people do and that’s the best thing about the internet. The greatest minds get together for the purpose of figuring out what some stuff are. Let’s see these pictures collected by Diply down below with things that people didn’t know what they were until internet solved the problem.

Down below you can see 16 things that couldn’t be explained until the internet solved the mystery.

1. Space balls

“Went exploring in White Sands, New Mexico and found an…object,” wrote Reddit user xopethx. Turns out it’s a chunk of titanium space debris that is known as “space balls.”


Source: Reddit | xopethx

2. Paperweight

“What is this brass sculpture with seemingly Hebrew characters on them?” asked Reddit user Nikatsuo. This is a paperweight for the Tau Beta Pi engineering society.

“The meaning of the symbols is revealed in the secret initiation all members go through.”


Source: Reddit | Nikatsuo

3. A clamp

This Reddit user bought this at a flea market and didn’t know what it was for.

The stork design though definitely offers a clue: ” it’s a clamp used by midwives in the 1800s to tie off umbilical cords.”


Source: Reddit | Pedandick

4. Box padlock

This was found by Reddit user  J3ST_eR’s late grandpa’s stuff. It is a box padlock used in China.


Source: Reddit | J3ST_eR

5. Chayote

Reddit user PastThe50, wasn’t sure what this was. It is actually a chayote, a fruit native to Mexico which is grown in warmer climates. Technically, it’s a fruit but it’s treated like a vegetable.


Source: Reddit | PastThe50

6. Hearing aid cleaning tool

User Imcrafty213 says that a friend’s child found this in the woods. That’s actually a hearing aid cleaning tool.


Source: Reddit | Imcrafty213

7. Solder sucker

“Found this backstage in a theater, nobody knows what it is,” wrote Reddit user TheHolyMountain.

Mars_rocket, had an answer:  “It’s a solder sucker for removing solder from printed circuit boards.”


Source: Reddit | TheHolyMountain

8. A tent pole strap

This “leather band with steel hooks” sure looks odd, but it’s a tent pole strap. You wrap it around a central tent pole so you can hang coats and clothing on.


Source: Reddit | tomaybob

9. A hair curler

“Got this in a box of my great-grandfather’s things that I was given,” wrote Reddit user Sacredauto.

He described it as “spring loaded and on one side is a tube, the other covers it about halfway.” Turns out it’s actually a hair/ mustache curler.


Source: Reddit | Sacredauto

10. Ultrasonic device

“Found it in my yard blinks green every once in a while,” wrote Reddit user ShappaDap. This is an ultrasonic device that emits a signal that discourages dogs from barking.


Source: Reddit | ShappaDap

11. A dental articulator

Someone else wanted to know what was the deal about this brass. Then he solved this himself:  it’s a dental articulator.


Source: Reddit | psychlloyd

12. For removing/ installing windshields

“Two handles connected by a fairly long wire,” wrote Reddit user vuxnomica. “The wire is smooth, but squared, as in, it has edges.”

This is for removing and installing windshields.


Source: Reddit | vuxnomica

13. Spiny oak-slug caterpillar

Reddit user iChickk had one question: “What in the absolute f*** is ON MY CAR?”

This is a “spiny oak-slug caterpillar covered in eggs from a parasitic braconid wasp.” It’s pretty gross. “The wasp lays her eggs just under the skin of the caterpillar. When they hatch, the larvae eat their way through the body and eventually through the skin, where they spin these cocoons and pupate.”


Source: Reddit | iChickk

14. A tool for plumbers

It’s an antique tool that it was a common tool for plumbers. It is a pipe reamer to remove burrs from pipes after they’ve been cut.


Source: Reddit | Tomatoblast

15. Microscopic reflective glass balls

Reddit user Hobies described this as “Strange, sticky particles only visible through a flashing camera, and nearly impossible to scrub off.”

The verdict: “tiny microscopic reflective glass balls, commonly used in the stripping on high-visibility clothing.”


Source: Reddit | Hobies

16. A punch needle

This literally looks like a cross between a knife and a needle. It’s actually a punch needle for leather.


Source: Reddit | A-Reliable-Source
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