You Can Now Keep Warm All Over With These Extra Long Hot Water Bottles

Winter is almost here, and we all know what that means. Freezing your butt off, that’s what it means.

I really don’t understand people who look outside their window at the snow and see anything other than cold, white slush that has the potential to get everywhere in your clothes or be the cause of a disastrous slip and fall. I mean, yes, it’s pretty, but does that really make up for how inconvenient it is?

And if you’re a perpetually cold person, like me, you’ll know the struggle of trying to get comfortable during the cold months when your room never seems to get warm enough. That’s when the very handy, genius invention of a hot water bottle comes in.

Source: Potwells design


And to make them even better, Potwells Designs has just released extra long hot water bottles so you’ll never have to alternate on which part of your body you want to warm up. You can just hug it and be warm all around.

According to the company, they will keep you warm for six to eight hours.

Source: Potwells design


They are almost 75x12cm long, the covering is made from 100% polyester soft fleece, and they can hold up to 2 liters of water. The bottles cost £39.95 ($50), which is pretty pricey for a hot water bottle, but considering they’re great for trying to keep warm at night when you might not want to receive a massive electricity bill, it seems worth the investment.

Looking at the designs as well as the way they’re advertised, it’s pretty apparent they’re aimed at kids, but hey, adults get cold too. Besides, we’re also allowed to like things with cute designs, aren’t we?


Source: Potwells Design


You can choose to get Dustin the Dinosaur, Ursula the Unicorn, or Zavi the Zebra and curl up with them all night long.

Just remember, don’t fill them up with boiling water. That’s an accident waiting to happen.


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