Extra Long Toe Nails Have Been A Thing This Summer And We’re A Bit Skeptical

Fingernails and fingernail designs are like the cherry on top, they can make any outfit seem complete, and not only they boost your confidence when you catch a glimpse of them, but they also look absolutely stunning when done properly.

We have seen many trends and different designs going on lately, especially during this summer. People have been choosing various colors, shapes, lengths, and so on. I mean, thanks to the designs people did and shared with the world, many people found inspiration and got their talons done as well.

I mean, different nail trends have been knocking on the door and people have welcomed them:

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But, except for fingernails getting all the attention, women have decided to give a bit of that attention to their toes as well. I mean, fair and square, there is plenty of space to experiment on the toes, and why not make them look outstanding while you’re rocking those sandals or other open-toed shoes? I mean, I know it depends on preferences, and some like to go for the simpler designs, and others like to do a bunch full of experimenting and trying new things. However, all that matters is people are showing their creativity in various ways, and who knows, maybe someone will get inspired in the process.

The toenails trends we’re about to show you have one thing in common, they’re unusually long. However, the length of some of them may go by unnoticed, while others are hard to pass by without a turn of heads. Scroll to see and let us know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

1. Red and simple:

extra long toe nails

Source: paaparast/Instagram

2. The color is perfect and shiny, and the length would probably go by unnoticed:

extra long toe nails

Source: tatianas.naughty.toes/Instagram

3. Now this one is a bit more extreme:

extra long toe nails

Source: officialrubysunset/Instagram

4. Then someone is rocking these talons:

extra long toe nails

Source: ournails.com.official/Instagram

5. Red and matchy-matchy:

extra long toe nails

Source: ournails.com.official/Instagram

6. Yellow and quite, quite long:

extra long toe nails

Source: realjclaws/Instagram

7. Uhm… how does one function with these?

extra long toe nails

Source: nail_sunny/Instagram

So, any thoughts? Let us know in the comments’ section below.


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