The Most Extravagant Proposal You Will Ever See On A Stadium

Goodbye to the days when a simple ring and bending in the knee will be enough to propose to your partner. It looks that men (and women) around the world look for creative aka luxurious proposals to make their lover feel “special” on this important day.  Still, if we want to give a prize for the most extravagant proposal, we will surely give to Josef Rakich a personal trainer from New Zealand.  What this trainer did is hired out Eden Park for their friends and family and flew his girlfriend in via helicopter.

From the moment we shared the video in our Metdaan Facebook Page, it was exceptionally well-received  from the public, thus accumulating more than 160K likes and over 98.000 shares with various comments on the event. Some of the people judged it to be a luxurious proposal in which the girl  “can’t say no”, whereas the others simply were seeing it as a rich man who loves his girlfriend and want to make this day special for her.

To see the photos and the video of the proposal, scroll down yourself:

They have been dating for three years now.

She was blindfolded standing in the stadium beside a giant pink box, while Josef gets down on one knee behind her,  with the sparkling diamond in hand.

The present revealed a gorgeous $100k pink Range Rover.


This is what he captioned in a video he posted on Instagram:
Yesterday I asked the girl of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me.

Maryam Matti or  ‘Mimi’, as she is nicknamed was waiting in front of the giant pink box to be unveiled.

and she said…..YESSSSSS…


He didn’t even have to speak those four little words – the car’s windshield spelled out ‘Will you marry me?’

The sparkling diamond ring.

Cake time too.


This is a picture of Mimi.

This isn’t the first time this boyfriend gives gifts like this – on Valentine’s Day, he gifted Mimi with a very expensive lime green Lamborghini.

She and “her personal trainer.”

Some lovely pictures of the couple.


Also, on Valentine’s Day, earlier this year, he gifted Maryam 1,000 red roses – which were scattered around their home.



Well, a helicopter ride, a custom $100k pink Range Rover and a lavish diamond ring – all of these just for a marriage proposal.

Common, it looks that the wedding day will be a tremendous surprise for this couple!


Source: Dailymail