Here Are 19 Extreme and Bizarre Beauty Trends Around The Globe

When it comes to beauty trends it seems like there is nothing that can stop the humans. Recently, there have been more and more weird and odd beauty trends that have been taking over Instagram from all over the world.

What are you willing to do in the name of beauty? I mean, what are your extreme limits? Because the following people have definitely gone to extreme lengths in the name of beauty. Scroll down and take a look them, courtesy of Diply.

Let us know in the comments if you think that these beauty trends are pretty extreme or not.

1. Eye widening surgery is beauty trend in South Korea.

This process is called epicanthoplasty. The individuals who go under this surgery actually think that rounder eyes are more beautiful in their culture.


Source: YouTube | Seoul TouchUp

2. Leg lengthening is a now banned procedure in China

However, there are still some people around the world that are doing this dangerous and excruciating procedure.


Source: Paley Institute

3. Extraocular implants as jewelry for your eyeballs.

This trend is based on the Netherlands but is still not available in America. If you can’t even handle eye drops maybe it is better to forget this.


Source: Everyday Health

4. Skin whitening a beauty trend found in India, Asia and Africa

This is pretty ironic for the people from Northern America who constantly try have darker skin.


Source: Beauty Clue

Both bleaching, darkening your skin as well as almost any procedure for changing skin color can be dangerous.

Source: Wochit News

5. A bizarre trend of couples getting surgeries to “complement” each other’s looks.

This is called beauty matching and it’s a rising trend in the UAE.


Source: Khaleej Times

6. Force-feeding is real beauty trend in Western Africa.

Sadly, in order to look “sexy,” some girls are force-fed to over 16,000 calories a day.


Source: YouTube | Thien Vy

7. A lip plate is a body modification used in Africa.

The young girls have their lips pierced before they get married. Slowly they grow the size of the hole. Beauty trend you said?


Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. This trend is similar to stretching of earlobes often seen in America.

This is one of the acceptable ones. Plus, it looks dope.


Source: Instagram | @thevariousthingsido

9. The Japanese beauty trend where girls undergo dental procedures to get crooked teeth is called Yaeba.

In Japan is considered as a sign of youthfulness.


Source: Xpat Nation

10. The trend of getting fake braces.

Even though they don’t require a special procedure there is increased the risk of cutting the inside your mouth.


Source: Instagram | @gigi_braces

11. In Indonesian tribes, people are chiseling their teeth in order to make them look extremely beautiful.

Also, they believe that it maintains the balance between the soul and the body.


Source: Brommel

12. In Iran, unlike women in North America, they wear bandages over their noses to show that they have done plastic surgery.

Why? Because the nose jobs cost a lot, so it is one symbol of wealth.


Source: Vice

13. Some individuals choose to let critters crawl all over their bodies.

From snails slugging across your face to fish exfoliating your feet. Anything maybe, but this. Thanks.


Source: Instagram | @peachypibu

14. Scarification is a trend that involves cutting designs into the skin as one form of body modification.

It has been done for many reasons in the past, such as marking the puberty and marriage.


Source: Instagram | @holierthanthoumanchester

15. A trend of pointed ears.

Actually, some individuals have sought to achieve pointed ears, even though the procedure is painful.


Source: Instagram | @theivorydolls

16. A trend of Vampire facials that involves taking plasma from your own blood and injecting it into the face in order to reduce lines.

Bizarre or not, since Kim has done it, it is definitely becoming popular.


Source: Instagram | @kimkardashian

17. These neck rings are worn in Africa and Asia in order to give the illusion of an elongated neck.

It is a sign of beauty.


Source: Instagram | @motogeo

18. A bagel head is a beauty trend in Japan.

It is a bizarre body modification by injecting saline into the forehead and pressing down in the center. Thankfully, it only lasts for a few hours.


Source: Tech Blog

19. A trend of getting “toe-besity”, a surgery  which will slim down your toes.


Source: London Lipo Institute
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