In The Eye Of The Beholder: Eye Tracking Study Reveals What Women Want

You may mock people who fall in love at first sight and dismiss it as a tired cliche, but a recent study seems to say that the phenomenon exists. Well, at least when it comes to women and men checking out each other.

But, wait. It could be more lust at first sight, than love.


The study leveraged the latest eye tracking technologies, as the name of the company – Think Eye Tracking – will tell you. Based in London, the firm sought to determine which parts of a man’s body women find most attractive, AuntyAcid reports. By tracking where the women’s eyes lingered… Ahem.

In case you doubt the technology, it has already been used in many ways, like basketball games for example.

Where you stare is where the action is.


What’s interesting is that in the London-based study, the participants were both men and women. The task? Just look at the same picture of a hot guy in swimming pants. Then at a picture of a woman in a bikini.

But it seems that men and women stared at different parts of the body. (Who would’ve thought, right?) In general, men checked out the guy’s junk right off the bat, while women were much less likely to size-up the man’s genitalia.

Instead, this is where women’s eyes dwelled the most:


Huh, the belly? Talk about fat-shaming! The researchers found that women looked most at a man’s midsection, then his face, and finally his shoulders and biceps.

Again, note the complete absence of attention to the guy’s junk! Unbelievable!

And I have to wonder at the motives behind the fixation on the belly. Like, do women like chiseled abs? Or maybe, they’re checking if he’s fat or not? Do they then seek to feed a man if he’s lacking in the abdominal department? Does this lead us to the… Kitchen?! (A man can dream!)

So many questions, so few answers!


But let’s leave it to the experts, shall we? Wendy Walsh, a sex and relationships expert, thinks that all that attention on the belly reveals the evolutionary needs of women. Namely, that they are checking out if the man is able to provide and protect. We basically became what we are thanks to hundreds of millennia living in hostile conditions, and our first instinct was self-preservation.

Walsh, who has a Ph.D. and wrote The 30-Day Love Detox, explains:

“Think about our cavewoman brains, we want to know, ‘Can this guy climb a tree and pick fruit for me? Can this guy slay a woolly mammoth for me?'”

As a man, I have to say: Wendy nailed it! Also, I can slay a woolly mammoth. Just saying.


And in a weird, twisty way, it again leads us to the kitchen. All that mammoth butchering, tree climbing, and fruit gathering… Yeah, someone needs to, um, turn all those ingredients I’ve gathered into an edible dish.

But wait – men were also given a picture of a hot woman in a bikini. The results? Men looked first at the woman’s breasts (fooooodddd!), then checked out her hip to waist ratio (chiiildreeennn!), and finally – her butt. For obvious reasons, I might add.

But why? Are we perves? No, you prude!

The reason is the same – men in the ancient past needed to know if a woman is fertile and well-suited for bearing children. After all, we’ve been gathering all that fruit and slaying all those drag… I mean woolly mammoths.

I mean, who would’ve thought that sexual attraction was motivated by perpetuating the species?


But, wait. Women also fixated on the guy’s face. In what way exactly, though? Well, the researchers interviewed the women, and most of them said it has to do with how ‘well-groomed’ it is, instead of just being nice to look at. However, exactly what ‘well-groomed’ meant was subjective to each woman. A cleanly shaven man with an overly oily skin was judged as not well groomed, while men with well-maintained beards were often found to be well-groomed.

Oh, wait! Can this possibly have something to do with… Hygiene? You know, the thing that basically decides if we’re going to live a long, healthy life, or contract a diseased and die.

In this age of fake news, Instagram filters and Photoshop fakery, I guess we all need some science.

Source: auntyacid