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Here’s What You Need To Know About Face Wrinkles

Here’s What You Need To Know About Face Wrinkles

As we age, we gain two W’s: wisdom and wrinkles. While the former we tend to accept happily, we can’t say the same about the latter. Although you technically can’t turn back the clock, however, it is possible to delay how soon those little lines show up on your face or their severity.

Wrinkles are now the new gray hair, meaning they contribute in the judgment of attractiveness, romantic viability, and social status. With the always changing technology and pop culture, wrinkles now seem to be optional for those who can afford to smooth them out.

Lots of people think that with age comes a heightened perception of flaws. Of course, that is entirely not true, but when grocery clerks start calling you ma’am, wrinkles appear on your face, and many of your friends have jumped into the ocean of procedures that make them look younger, you can’t help but feel the pressure to change something about yourself.

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Because we’re now used to seeing flawless, wrinkle-free faces, even women as young as their early 30s, can feel trapped in between nature and the anti-aging climate. Although genetics sure do play a big role in aging and wrinkles, you can prevent premature wrinkling by avoiding the sun and taking good care of your skin.

Mild cases of wrinkles have usually responded to treatment such as prescription creams while deep lines require more ‘aggressive’ removal methods. Despite our skin aging in a natural process, sun exposure really does dramatically enhance the rate at which the aging process occurs. Sun damage brings along a lot of problems such as dry, rough skin, sagginess, and, of course, wrinkles.

Wrinkles can actually be two things: fine surface lines and deep channels that are related to muscular contractions. It’s important to note that some deep channels are actually anatomical in nature and don’t necessarily have anything to do with aging. However, it is the aging wrinkles that bother people.

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Most face wrinkles appear due to the following:

Genetic factors – this means that it’s in your genes to develop certain wrinkles in the same way you inherit skin color

Sun exposure – you already know we were going to say this, but yes, the sun really does play a significant role in how our skin looks

Smoking – if you need any more reasons to quit smoking, here it is: smoking damages collagen, therefore speeds up the process of skin’s aging

Habitual facial expressions – such as continuously raising your eyebrows and squinting to read something far away

Sleeping positions – sleeping on your stomach or side has many cons, but the one you’re here for is that it helps you develop lines on your face

Bad habits – by bad habits I mean propping your fist on your jawline which can cause folds in your skin

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However, there are many other things that you might unknowingly do that cause wrinkles to appear in your face. Such things might be as follows:

Chewing gum

Who would have thought, right? Apparently, chewing gum leads to wrinkles because it forces your mouth to continually form different shapes. Frequent chewers are more in danger, since constantly chewing for a period of time leads to a downward turn in the corners of the mouth. Once the wrinkles are formed due to repetitive movements, it’s very hard to go back. Instead of gum, you can stick to mints, breath strips, or anything other than gum.

Sugar consumption

We all know that sugar is not exactly our friend, but little do we know what an excessive amount of sugar can do to our skin. According to Alexiades-Armenakas, when the sugar molecules bind to tissues, harmful new molecules are created in the bloodstream that damage collagen and elastin, the two fibers we count on to keep our skin firm.

Excessive use of smartphones

You might not like this but you can actually point fingers at your phone and tablet for the wrinkles below your chin. I mean, when you are staring down at your screen for hours on end, think about the neck and its unusual angle. You’ve probably noticed the immediate effects such as a sore neck and strained eyes but think about other long-term problems such as neck wrinkles.

Not using sunscreen

I can’t stress this enough: ALWAYS.WEAR.SUNSCREEN. Sunscreen is the anti-aging product you should be wearing every single day because protecting your skin from UV light exposure needs to be your number one priority when it comes to skin care routine. Daily (and by daily I mean every single day of the year, even when it’s not even sunny outside) use of sunscreen can absolutely reduce the risk of early signs of aging.

Sure, you can’t do much about genetics, but you damn sure can control your lifestyle choices that lead to wrinkles. Shocked? Well, you can start by wearing sunscreen to protect your skin and quit smoking now. One step at a time, one less wrinkle.


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