12+ Pawsome Facts Regarding Cats You Might Have Missed Before

Aren’t cats such adorable and mysterious creatures?! I mean, you look at them, they catch your heart with their cuteness, and, at the same time, they always look like they’re up for something. The mischievous felines give you the feeling that they are up to no good.

It’s funny when you think of cats since, you either hate them, or you love them, it’s like, there’s no in between. If you fall into the category of loving the playful, domestic and gentle felines, there’s no denying that they are the true source of happiness.

Honestly, cats have it all! They can be fierce, mysterious, and at the same time they can be adorable and cuddly and the bestEST of friends. They are absolutely purr-fect, to say the least.

Even though one might think they know everything regarding the playful creatures, you are wrong, my friend. That is why we are here today, to tell you about some facts which you might have not known before, and, these facts will make you love cats even more, or if you fall into the category of hating them, then you’ll end up loving them.


1. Did you know that cats, just like people can be distinguished by their fingerprints? However, instead of their fingers, it’s their noses.

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2. You might have heard that the first domestic cat is thought to have appeared in Egypt, however, a discovery made in 1936 proved the idea wrong. In Cyprus, in a 9,500-year-old grave, there was a mummy of a kitten: it was killed to be buried together with the owner. This precedes the mentions of cats in Egyptian art by more than 4,000 years.

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3. You might have noticed that cats LOVE sleeping, however, did you know that cats spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping. A 9-year-old cat spent only 3 years of its life awake.

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4. Female cats are usually right-handed and male cats are left-handed.

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5. Apparently, a cat’s brain is biologically closer to human’s brain that dog’s. What we have in common with cats, is the parts of the brain responsible for emotions.

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6. Cats are very sensitive to vibration. This is why they are able to sense an earthquake 10-15 minutes before people can.

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7. The biggest cat today is a liger. It can be up to 13 feet long and can weigh over 660 lb. The biggest liger today weighs 992 lb.

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8. The only part that cats sweat through is their paws since they don’t have sweat glands all over their body as humans do.

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9. The smallest wild cat today is a black-footed cat. Females are 19 in long and can weigh just 2.6 lb.

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10. The oldest cat in the world was Crème Puff from Austin, Texas that lived from 1967 to August 5, 2005, and died 3 days after its 38th birthday.

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11. Did you know that there are different beliefs for a black cat crossing your road? While The British and Australians believe that meeting a black cat brings good luck, in Europe and North America, it is considered to be a bad sign.

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12. Despite the long distance, cats are able to find their way home. According to experts, cats either understand where they are by the sunlight angle or they have magnetized cells in the brain that work like a compass.

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13. The most popular cat breed today is the Persian cat. The next most popular is the Maine Coon and the Siamese.


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14. Not all cats hate water. There is a breed of cats that love water. It’s the Turkish Van. They love swimming because of their waterproof fur.

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Did you know any of these facts related to cats? If you have more facts, don’t hold back to share them in the comments’ section.


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