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5+ Facts About Your Underwear You Might Not Have Known

5+ Facts About Your Underwear You Might Not Have Known

As most people, I’ve been wearing underwear my whole life. Granted, I started wearing a bra much later, but I’ve still been wearing them every day for a long time.

You’d think by now I’d know practically everything there is to know about them… or even just the basics. But, as it is, you’d think wrong since I had no idea about some of the facts below until just now.

You might be in a similar position, so scroll down to see some facts about underwear you might not have known:


1. There’s a reason behind those underwear ‘pockets’

Despite what the picture may suggest, no they are not there to store things. The reason is very simple: because it’s more comfortable.

According to a YouTube video by Mind Warehouse, the manufacturers leave one side of this piece of fabric unsewn because if it’s sewn on both sides, it will become uncomfortable.

Source:Cherie Priest


2. On average, a woman owns about 21 pairs of underwear

According to studies, (yes, there have apparently been studies on women’s underwear habits) most women do change their underwear every day, but since they don’t do laundry every day, they need extras.



3. If you have a white stain on your underwear, it’s a good thing

You may think that the reason the inside of your underwear turns white is due to the bleaching quality of the detergent, but it’s actually your body’s doing. The stains are as a result of your body’s natural secretion, which fights off bacteria by balancing your body’s pH level.

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4. You should get rid off all your underwear after a year

Yes, even if you wash them regularly.

According to research, even if your underwear is clean, it still carries thousands of living bacteria, so to reduce infections, you should replace them frequently.

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Source: HuffPost


5. You’re most likely wearing the wrong bra size

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According to a study by Huffington Post, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

facts about underwear

Source: Seventeen

They give you tips on how to find the perfect size here.


6. Wearing the wrong underwear size is more than just uncomfortable

It can actually be dangerous since it can trap moisture and lead to an infection, and people actually suggest completely ditching your underwear at night.

facts about underwear

Source: Stories of World


The more you know, right…


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