16 Fun Facts About Mariah Carey’s Life As A Diva Star

After she made headlines with her secret gastric bypass surgery revealed, 47-year-old singer Mariah Carey is all over the media. She’s been battling criticism since she started singing. Her life, on the other hand, is a real reality show on its own. With a net worth totaling over $500 million, the star lives in her own bubble. One could really lose themselves revealing what she does besides singing in her daily life. From her tour rider requests to her pets’ lavish lifestyles and her battle with weight loss, everything seems more interesting to her fans than her music sometimes.

But you may not realize the young Mariah Carey dealt with a number of hardships before she hit the big time. This was especially due to her mixed-race heritage. Despite all the difficulties, Carey continues to live as if she is the center of the universe. Here are some fun facts about her that make her even more intriguing, brought by Ranker.

1. She wouldn’t have been so famous if it wasn’t for her 2016 NYE performance.

It was a total train wreck, although she has managed to overcome this career fall.

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2. She demands doves, kittens, and butterfly-shaped confetti in her riders

For a Christmas-themed performance in London, she demanded a Rolls Royce, a pink podium and carpet, butterfly-shaped confetti, an assistant to dispose of chewed gum. We can go on with the list, but who’s got the time for her extravagant demands.

3. Her music follows her everywhere.

She loves listening to her favorite song – her own All I Want For Christmas Is You. Her ex-husband Nick Cannon revealed he and Mimi made love almost exclusively to her material, conspicuously noting the lyrics “when a hero comes along.” Also. when they dined in Italy, Carey requested the restaurant play only her music, which proved to be a hit when Fantasy came on rotation.

4. Her Cribs episode was more than epic

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The workout room, the butterfly guest room, and the bathtub scene were iconic. No other episode of MTV’s Cribs reached the heights as Carey’s tour of her home.

5. She exists outside reality, as she claims.

Floating #deadsea #israel

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Carey says she “is literally incapable of being in the real world.” It makes sense when you realize that she is late to every possible performance or interview. She arrived five hours late to an interview with The Guardian, not even fathoming the idea of timetables. “I’m so sorry, but you do know that I don’t do the schedule, you do know that, right?”

6. She rocks being a diva.

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She never actually says bad things about people. It’s usually because she’s already forgotten their name. She rocks!

7. She allegedly stormed out of Obama’s inauguration

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Carey performed at Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, singing her ballad Hero. However, when she learned where she needs to sit after her performance, she just walked away.

8. Her high school nickname was Mirage.

Windy day 💨

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Even as a teenager, Carey was an oddball. She reportedly cut class so many times she earned herself the nickname “Mirage.”

9. She is a high heels queen.

Climb every mountain 👊🏾😘 @gunnarfitness

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She even uses them for working out.

10. She made a tipsy acceptance speech at a film festival

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Carey played a social worker in the film Precious, a role that won her the Breakthrough Actress award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. However, she basically ruined everything by jumping on stage while being tipsy. Her monologue is more entertaining than the entire Oscars.

11. She displayed “borderline abusive” behavior on the set of The House

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In 2015, the Glitter actress set ou to star in The House, a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. According to those working on the film, she was really irresponsible. Carey reportedly showed up late to set, demanding white roses and stuffed lambs packed inside her trailer. Moreover, she wanted to change almost anything abou the movie.

12. She had her “moment” on The Home shopping network.

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Back in 2010-2011, Carey spent some time on the Home Shopping Network making up words.

13. She was wheeled to her Vegas stage

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When Carey’s heels began causing her discomfort, her team came up with the idea of rolling her to the stage.

14. Her dogs live outside of reality, too.

Carey’s pets live larger than most humans do. The singer spent over $20,000 for her animal companions’ stay at Bristol’s Paw Seasons, which a luxury resort for dogs. She must care a lot for them!

15. She’s insured her body for millions

And another beat for last looks 😘

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Unsurprisingly, her insurance on her body and vocal chords totals up to $70 million. In 2006, during her time as part of Venus’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign, Carey allegedly took out a $1 billion contract on her legs.

16. She owns Marilyn Monroe’s white piano

Marilyn said: ” I just adore finding new places to wear diamonds!”… & lil miss Monroe clearly agrees : )

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In 1999, Carey spent more than $600,000 on Marilyn Monroe’s white piano. That’s nearly $900,000 in today’s money!

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