Woman Faked Her Pregnancy To Keep Her Husband Around And What Went Down On Due Date, Is Too Dramatic

One woman fakes the entire pregnancy, claiming she was pregnant for nine months in a bid to convince her husband not to leave her. As the months went by, she increased the size of her belly by filling the cushion with rags and even printed off an ultrasound scan from the internet to show to family and friends.

Pictured above: Antonela Milena Padilla (center) was rushed to the hospital after family grew concerned for her health

Surprisingly, her husband never suspected anything, and as the day of the birth was approaching, he became increasingly excited to become a father. But the scam was unraveled on Saturday when she was due to give birth at a local hospital. Antonela, who is from Barranquilla, Colombia, reportedly left home at 10 am and went to the clinic. However, later she claimed that she had been kidnapped by a gang who put her inside their van and drugged her.

Antonela went on to say that she woke up at 7 pm outside of a supermarket when she realized that her baby was no longer in her womb. She said that she called home and told her husband and family that an organ trafficking gang had cut the baby from her belly to sell the baby’s parts. Against Antonela’s will, her concerned family took her to the local Nino Jesus de Soledad hospital, and the shocked medics called the police, who launched a massive operation to track down the ‘kidnappers’.

However, officers quickly found something fishy regarding her story, as hospital evaluation found that she did not suffer any knife injuries that matched a ‘back street cesarean’. Furthermore, the blood tests found that she had never been pregnant and no traces of sedatives were found in her body. Antonela’s mother-in-law told Colombia’s Al Dia newspaper that Antonela kept insisting that she was pregnant.

She said:

They did the tests, and she still tried to convince them she had been expecting. But the gynecologist confirmed she had never been pregnant.

She continued:

She had a belly, it was small, but it never raised suspicions. My son lived with her, they slept together. But he never touched her belly or tried to bond with the baby.

Further, she added:

We never suspected anything because although her belly was small, some pregnant women don’t have big bellies so we didn’t think anything was strange.

I have to speak with my son so he can tell me what was going on. He has had various relationships but never had children. There is no need, no reason for her to do this.

A police commander, Mariano Cotero Coy, said that Antonela could be charged with wasting public resources. He said:

In the hospital, we see people lying down in queues, from 5 am waiting for an appointment, and this lady feigning her pregnancy meant that she was attended to before others who really needed it.

He added:

The woman went around showing an ultrasound scan that she had taken from the internet, she simply modified it and deceived her sentimental partner. But at the hospital, she took a test which showed she had never been pregnant.

Reportedly, Antonela fled the hospital at 3 am on Sunday morning, two hours after her blood test results came out confirming she was not pregnant, and her whereabouts are not known yet.

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Source: Dailymail