10 Fall Nail Designs That Make Every Girl Fall For Them

Here at MetDaan, we’re always up for nail art and if you want to match with the season and get ready for the upcoming one, you better stay tuned to our posts.  Now, looking for some fall inspiration? See below ten manicure ideas to make your nails look outstanding when in the crowd.

1. Burgundy And Golden Moon

For the fall days and nights, darker colors are always welcomed. You may start with a burgundy base and then add the golden crescent moons which leads to a perfect the look. By the end though, it will look like you have little world’s maps painted on your nails!


2. One Leafy One Stripy

This look is definitely a fall definition. Combine them with a scarf full of leaves and a striped jacket and we tell you, fall will want to stay forever when it sees you!



3. Pinkish And Golden

Brown, golden, copper these are fall colors, right? Divide half of every nail with a pink strip, while you polish the lower part of your nails with a copper color. It will shine and bright!


4. Maple Leaf Ones

We like burgundy, we like red and we like polishing our nails like a maple leaf. See this idea and make it your own!


5. Shiny Sparkles

These golden and silver random designs might be your thing for the upcoming fall. Don’t overthink it, go and get your nails done with this design!


 6. Glitter And Green

Let’s leave aside those summer colors and go for earthy colors like olive green. While for your middle finger choose shades of white and gold, and for the finish look sparkle the pointer and the ring fingers.


7. Black And Orange, Black And Orange

This black and orange pattern is quite welcomed for fall designs, especially if you like long nails, so they better show themselves.

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8. Chevron Patterns

Light red and dark red must be the best combination to go with the chevron pattern, and painted_lolly shared this perfect idea with us.


9. Glittery And Orange

If you want to get a fall-inspiration then look for a pumpkin color to match the season. You simply add a sparkly polish at the base of your nails whereas the tips should be painted in bright orange!


10. Colorful Dots

After painting your nails in light pink, add a different dark colored dot to each of them. It’s simple to do and at the same time makes fall – fall for it.

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