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This Family Pays Homage To The Academy Awards In Unique Fashion

This Family Pays Homage To The Academy Awards In Unique Fashion


As this year’s award season is slowly drawing to a close, we cannot help but feel a little bit saddened that we’re running out of glamorous events to enjoy. True, we’re only enjoying them on our screens, but still. We’ve had an incredible time following the happenings at the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the BAFTAs, and the BRITs, and we want more! With the most prestigious awards ceremony of all taking place tonight, let’s talk about this family who has a rather unique way of dealing with their excitement in anticipation of finding out who will take the golden Oscar statuette home.

The Storino family does it by recreating some of the most famous scenes from the movies up for awards and sharing them on their website Don’t Call Me Oscar and with their 17,000+ followers on Instagram. The family from Chicago, Illinois, has been paying homage to Hollywood’s best motion pictures in this way for the last eight years. So it’s hardly surprising that this year, they’ve once again hit the nail squarely on the head with their re-dos which star the three youngest Storinos: 7-year-old Sophia, 5-year-old Sadie and 2-year-old Sloane.

Here’s their take on Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

And another one from last year’s batch: here are the Storinos starring in La La Land

LA LA LAND. That’s a wrap! #dontcallmeoscar #oscarbabies

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This year’s recreations began with this still from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

They went back to the 1950s to do this scene from Phantom Thread. Check out the dolls posing as band members!

#PhantomThread 👋 #DanielDayLewis & #VickyKrieps

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Great eye for detail: the Storinos didn’t miss including Saoirse Ronan’s pink cast and bracelets

#LadyBird 👋 @beaniefeldstein , #SaoirseRonan & #GretaGerwig

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They needed all hands on deck to pull off this scene from Darkest Hour, but they managed it flawlessly

#DarkestHour ✌️#GaryOldman

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The girls just love this project, and they have so much fun doing it, according to their mom.

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“Much like Daniel Day-Lewis, the Storino sisters are true method actors. Some days, they play pretend from sun up to sun down,” Maggie Storino told Mashable.

#Dunkirk 👋 @harrystyles

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In fact, even if they are a bit too young to fully understand their internet popularity, the sisters are starting to develop a taste for showbiz. Apparently, they really like having their very own fan base, and they’re trying their hand at acting.

“Sophia and Sadie had their first foray on the stage this year, playing Miss Hannigan and Molly in a production of ‘Annie,'” momma Storino recently told Vanity Fair. “Sadie asked if our photos had any followers, and when I said, ‘Yes,’ she asked if we had 10 followers. I told her we had more, and she asked if we had ‘infinity.'”

How cute are these photos? These kids are so adorable! But which recreation is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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