Australian Family Is Extremely Surprised To Find A 70kg Kangaroo Swimming In Their Pool

Since about 45 million kangaroos live across Australia according to BBC, it is no strange to see one of these visitors sitting beside your house’s door – uninvited. Kangaroos like to live near bushland areas and another interesting fact is that they are known to be very social animals – usually living in groups of fifty.

Now, just as it was just aforementioned, it is no surprise to see kangaroos in these areas visiting your house, nor swimming in your pool. Wait, what? Yes, you heard it right.  Jen Harlow from Wonga Park(Greater Melbourne, Australia) went shopping with her family on Christmas Eve. So, when they came back, they were extremely surprised to see a kangaroo relaxing in their swimming pool.

Moreover, we are familiar with hearing news about kangaroos causing ‘havoc’ in people’s houses but this one in our story was a peaceful one.   Apparently, he was overheated so he found a cool way to beat the heat and why not?

The family said that it was not the first time they saw a kangaroo near their fence but never like this time, he decided to jump into their pool and swim.

The family went shopping on Christmas Eve, and they got back around 11 am. Then they were surprised to find the kangaroo enjoying his time in their pool.

Wonga Park is about 28km north-east of Melbourne, Australia. As for kangaroos, they are very common in the areas and are even known to be as Australias’s national symbol.

Family Finds A Kangaroo Swimming In Their Pool

Ms. Harlow said:

“The roo was tall enough to stand in the shallow end of the pool – even posing for a photo while munching some grass.”

Then the family contacted the wildlife professionals and eventually, three to four people came and relocated the animal.

Family Finds A Kangaroo Swimming In Their Pool

So, in due course, the 70 kg animal was taken away by wildlife professionals after being sedated.

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Source: Dailymail