Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced Queen B Is Pregnant Again

Was that a baby bump or did Queen B just eat a whole big meal before the opening of her ‘OTR II Tour’ nights with her hubby Jay-Z?

Beyonce’s fans are convinced she’s pregnant again with her fourth child, as they claim they spotted a baby bump on the 36-year-old during one of her performances in the current world tour with her husband Jay-Z.

It was just after the first few nights of the opening of the On The Run II Tour, that fans took to social media speculating Queen B’s pregnancy, backed up with lots of pictures and videos.

But her baby bump was not the only thing that was discussed. Some Twitter users were even questioning her outfit choices, with one of them saying, “Beyonce looks pregnant again. Y’all know they love 4’s and she has all those coats for the tour.”

Another fan was particularly impressed by Bey’s ability to perform while allegedly pregnant, writing, “Beyonce doing a worldwide tour whilst she’s pregnant has got to be the biggest motivation in the world.”

Moreover, one fan is convinced Queen B is pregnant because she has allegedly been hiding her baby bump behind a sparkling coat that she wears on stage. He wrote, “But Beyonce is DEFO pregnant.”

The numbers of likes and retweeted images on Twitter are very high. And it’s not just fans and Twitter users that claim Beyonce is pregnant, because Star Magazine also has a source that claims the couple is surprised but very happy by the news.

The insider told the news outlet, “It’s a shock so soon after the birth of the twins, but she’s over the moon.”

Explaining Beyonce’s outfit choices, the source said, “She’s rushing to change her costumes so that she can keep the bump covered up for as long as possible. Only a few have been entrusted with the news, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.”

While fans speculate Beyonce’s pregnancy, it’s quite interesting since the duo, Beyonce and Jay-Z have 48 shows in total to perform on their tour, so if the news is true, it might be difficult for Queen B to jump around on stage when the tour nears its end.

In case you forgot, Beyonce and Jay-Z share together three children, Blue Ivy, 6, and twins Rumi and Sir who just turned 1 yesterday.