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In what language do you offer support ?

Unfortunately at this moment we can only offer support for messages and e-mails in English, we try our best to reply as soon as we get a chance,  typically within 24 hours but at times it could take us a little bit longer so please be patient.


Where are you located?

MetDaan is an online magazine offering DIY video tutorials only, we don’t have a physical location at the moment but we are open to the idea considering the demand for this service. Our featured artists do offer the option but nothing is directly related to Met Daan.
If interested please follow and contact the relevant artist.


Where do i find the food recipe ?

We would love to offer recipes to all our delicious creations from featured artists and the Met Daan team however it is extremely difficult to reply individually to each follower. Please follow the full length video (usually a YouTube video) or follow the comment section to find out more information about the ingredients used and/or the process.


What products were used in the video?

Our featured artists work independently and usually very little to no product placement occurs on the videos. We don’t offer any direct recommendations to what product should be used. While we understand that this is a very popular request, we try to focus on the look and “how to” rather than the product used. Every now and then we will recommend products which we vouch for, but this tends to be rare. The best solution would be the comment section and other users who have suggestions from past experience. J


How do i feature my video on the magazine?

MetDaan artists are the best out there, without a single doubt! If you would like to join our community please e-mail us at [email protected] or message through any of our brand pages. We do offer exclusive signings, contracts and the best promotions on the web to get your name out there. We are always looking out for creative minds to join our team.


Why are videos so short and fast paced ?

Videos posted to Facebook are much shorter than the original version, this is usually for all those who are short in time and just want to get inspired quickly. We post our full length videos to our-
YouTube channel: or
DailyMotion: or

Individuals featured artist page found at the top of the comment section, make sure you visit them, you won’t be disappointed.


I have an idea for a video, where do i submit ?

One of the more popular features of Met Daan community is the ability to request help for certain topics e.g. Short Hair Styles, Thin Hair problems, Skin Care advise etc.
Each request is handled very seriously, so please keep them coming our way, we will try our best to answer and provide help, videos and anything we can to give you best support out there.