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These Black Apples Are Eye-Catching, Albeit Farmers Refuse To Plant Them

These Black Apples Are Eye-Catching, Albeit Farmers Refuse To Plant Them

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luter.

Well, in the world we are living in, with people having different opinions for a particular thing, not everyone shares the same opinion with Martin Luter.

When going to the grocery store, or to the supermarket, we are mostly used to seeing either red or green apples. However, just because we don’t see different types of apples, doesn’t mean they do not exist. Unless you have been living under a rock, or you don’t often use the internet, then the black apples circulating the internet have most probably caught your eye.

The black apples we are talking about are planted at altitudes of 3500 meter above sea level and this makes them a rare find. When compared to the red and green apples, the black ones contain a number of minerals and good microorganisms, nevertheless, it is thought their taste is way better.

According to Ms. Yu Wenxin, Market Director at Dandong Tianluo Sheng Nong E-Commerce Trade Co., Ltd:

The average elevation of Nyingchi, Tibet, is 3,100 meters. The temperature differences between day and night are rather big, and there is much sunlight and ultraviolet light. These unique geographical features make it the perfect natural environment for growing black diamond apples.

Fun fact: No fertilization is required for black apples and, another way they are also known is as a scorpion fruit. The good thing about these scorpion fruits is that they protect themselves against insects and parasites, as well as have resistance to cold. They have a crisp bite and sweet taste.

farmers refuse to plant black apples

Black Apples can be found in New Zealand, although they are aswell planed at Tibet Nyngchi after they have been introduced to China.

farmers refuse to plant black apples

What’s worth mentioning regarding the black apples is that they are high in glucose when compared to the other types of apples we are used to seeing. It is this that made these scorpion fruits so known, although they have a slow growth rate due to the low temperatures they require.

It takes them eight years from the time of planting to mature while on the other hand, the majority of apples mature in 2-3 years, or five years the longest.

farmers refuse to plant black apples

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In comparison to other apples, the complete output of black apples is low. And due to the long time to mature, only 30% of mature black apples meet the standards of color compliance.

Not everyone is happy with the high price and exclusivity of the black apples. Take, for instance, fruit farmers. Instead of planting these scorpion fruits, they would grow other foods that are higher in demand.

As there is a limited production regarding the black apples, Chinese manufacturers have made sure to turn the attention to these black apples. Their aim is to fetch a higher price as this way they’d be exclusive gifts and also packaged in boxes to ship off to their destination. If the costumers want to make sure to get them on time, they have to purchase them in advance.

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