These 7 Style Mistakes Will Make You Look Older And Dumpy

Are you careful about what you wear? If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that in 2018, the rule will be ‘anything goes’, but still, there are some fashion offenses that are still what they’ve always been – offenses. Or are they? Let’s see. Which of these are you guilty of, and do you even care?

1. Going black head to toe

While black makes you look elegant and sophisticated, on the other side it creates a deep contrast to the color of you skin and highlights flaws like wrinkles or dark circles. This leads to making you look older so you can accessorize your look with other brighter colors that don’t spotlight your flaws.


2. Wearing clothes bigger than your size

Buying clothes in a larger size than yours can make you appear bigger and add volume where you don’t actually need it. Pick clothes that are true to yourself to look good.


3. Wriggling into long skirts

Long skirts will add a lot of bulk to your limbs making you look like you have a heavier lower half and not shapely legs. Wear short or mid knee skirts, depending on your age and preferences.


4. Putting on the wrong frames

If you’re planning to buy new glasses, then make sure you choose the right ones. Don’t get thin, metal-rimmed frames because they’re for older people. Try on a number of them to see what looks good on you. Bolder and bigger frames that don’t hide your eyes are very in.


5. Not shopping for your age

To look younger, don’t shop clothes that are meant for teenagers because in that way you end up looking older than you are. Instead, look for clothes that are appropriate for you age and style them right! Also don’t forget accessories.


6. Slipping into unflattering shoes

The choice of shoes can make or break your outfit. Choose the shoes that suit your age, clothes and weight. Chunky heels don’t look good on plus-sized women, or bright colored canvas on a 30-year-old. Try wearing slimmer shoes that look better on plus-sized women or plain converses because they go with everything.


7. Wrapping a silk scarf

Unless you’re attending a themed party or are an air hostess don’t take this scarf out of your closet. While it was a huge trend in the 60’s, today this can make you look unfashionable and vintage. Consider using it as a wristlet, tassel on your handbag or as a hairband.

Source: Stylecraze