Fashion Nova Already Has Duplicates Of Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Outfits

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday on August 10th. The reality star and cosmetic mogul appeared at her birthday dinner and party with two exquisite looks.

An all skin tight pink sparkly romper.

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And a beautiful pink satin dress.

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While we enjoyed all the pictures and videos of Kylie’s birthday party posted by her friends and family on their social media, the Instagram’s favorite brand Fashion Nova wasted no time and got to work. They created literal identical outfits from Kylie and Kim Kardashians hot-pink dress, custom made by Yeezy.

They look the same right? What’s even weirder is that the model looks like she is a Kardashian sister as well.

The name of this collection is “Birthday Behavior” and even though we don’t know an exact date for the release, the brand posted on their Instagram captioning the pictures with “Coming Soon.”

The pink satin dress Kylie wore is from Peter Dundas, whereas Fashion Nova named theirs the “Twenty Fun Satin Dress.” And the suit that looks so much like Kylie’s which was made by La Bourjoisie, Fashion Nova named theirs “Birthday Bash Sequin Romper.”  Kim K’s Yeezy hot pink dress is called “Cut To The Chase Mini Dress.”

Neither of the sisters have made any statements about this. Kylie and Fashion Nova have partnered before and the brand has a whole section of outfits similar to Kylie’s where shoppers can buy from.

The collection is not on their site yet but it is expected to be very soon.

People on the internet have reacted to the collection. One wrote:

“The devil works hard but fashion nova works harder”

Will you be trying any of the outfits?

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