16 Fashion Trends We Hope Don’t Make A Comeback In 2018

2017 was definitely a wild year but we kind of are thankful that it came to an end. There were a lot of trends including fashion and makeup that we just hope we never see in 2018. Down below you will see this list compiled by, with 16 fashion trends we never want to see again, courtesy of Diply. Enjoy!

1. Okay, this fashion trend named RompHim was funny at first but when people actually started wearing the outfits… oh boy!


Source: Instagram | @sullywins

2. Celebrities wearing pajamas as day wear


Source: Instagram | @gigihadid

3. The cropped sweater look always confused me. Like, why crop it that short?


Source: Instagram | @kyliejenner

4. I personally think we have had enough with the fishnets in 2017


Source: Instagram | @aesthetic.feed2

5. And I am talking about all the fishnet things including this one. Or maybe I just need this trend explained to me.


Source: Instagram | @bellathorne

6. The IKEA fashion trend that lasted for a minute


Source: Instagram | @classyistheblack

7. Muddy jeans were a serious issue. Were you having a hard day working on the farm?


Source: Nordstrom | Mashable

8. Speaking of jeans, can we get rid of clear jeans? Ugh!


Source: Twitter | @rumsjdm

9. Forever 21 took a lot of heat for their ridiculous graphic tees and you can see why


Source: Instagram | jackiepiula

10. Maybe we have just had enough of the “strappy dress over a shirt” thing


Source: Instagram | @fashionishta

11. Yes, this made a comeback again. And everyone thought it was a joke but well, it wasn’t.


Source: Instagram | @bennajharry

12. Even ugly dad sneakers became trendy and I guess no one saw it coming


Source: Instagram | @agnijagrigule

13. Dramatic wigs are in again but only Nicki Minaj can manage to pull this look off


Source: Instagram | @nickiminaj

14. The all nude everything had its moment but it might be time to let go


Source: Instagram | @faashionglamour

15. The trendy sunglasses that were mostly floated around among celebrities


Source: Instagram | @leeeee_lee

16. Chokers had their time in 2017 and even in 2016. I think it’s time to start a long-distance relationship!

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