See How Many Calories Are There In Your Guilty-Pleasure Foods

Maybe all of us know what junk food does to our bodies, but we tend to ignore that fact and enjoy the simplest pleasures in life. I, myself, was one of those people who would feast on fast food at every chance I would get. My breakfasts were fast foods, as were my lunches. And my snacks too. I was really unaware of how unhealthy my diet was.

However, on a seemingly unrelated note, when I turned 21, I had really bad acne breakouts. And I can say that I truly tried everything and nothing would work. I spent a fortune on over-the-counter products until one day, I decided to visit a dermatologist. Her very first question to me was, “What do you eat in a day?”

And to tell you the truth, I was a little bit embarrassed. But, surely I’m not going to lie to a doctor. So, I spilled my guts with a half voice and then braced myself for the scrutinizing looks. My dermatologist’s first words were, “You need to cut them all off. Sodas, fast foods, fatty foods, those chocolate bars… Your skin is crying.”

And so that is when I decided to give everything up and my skin surely cleared up in a span of two months. But you know what else happened? I lost 30 pounds. Yup, 30 pounds in two months. After witnessing such changes in me, I decided to look up how many calories those foods have and how much fat is in them.

So follow me through a short but detailed analysis of fast foods.

1. French Fries

We all know how delicious deep-friend potatoes are. But, do we know how many calories per serving are we receiving each time we feast on fries? Well, the calories sum up to around 370 per serving, with 17g of fat.

It may not seem like much, but when you think about how it adds up to the other calories you intake, it does seem like a lot.



2. Pizza

How many people do you know that swear by pizza? Well, go ahead and tell them that one slice of regular pizza has 285 calories and 10g of fat. And considering that we rarely entertain ourselves with only one slice of pizza, things can really go downhill if we don’t stop ourselves.



3. Beer

Beer is not really a fast food, but it is fattening and damaging to our bodies. A pint of beer has somewhere around 154 calories and luckily, it has zero fat. However, if we consume five pints of beer per week, then we intake somewhere around 40,000 extra calories per year. It doesn’t sound that well when I put it this way, does it?



4. Burgers

Well, burgers vary quite a lot in the number of calories. But a one-patty normal burger has around 254 and 10g of fat. I am not saying we banish them altogether, but being a little more careful doesn’t hurt.



5. Coke

With 139 calories and 39g of sugar per can, coke shouldn’t be your first choice when you need refreshments. Rather opt for a cool lemonade or simply fresh water.

fast food calories


What do you think of fast foods? Do you indulge in them often?

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