Loving Father Hides Cash All Over His Daughter’s House And It’s The Sweetest Thing

Every parent wants the best for their kid, but this father found an interesting way to show his love for his daughter. He is definitely raising the bar for every parent out there. Every time he visit’s his daughter he is stashing cash away in secret places all over her house. It’s one pretty genius and fun treasure hunt that will also put a smile on his daughters face. Imgur user somebodysmama posted a series of iMessage screenshots, that show how her dad hides $20 bills around her house whenever he visits.

“I live close to him and he sees me regularly. We’re buddies,” the daughter said. “He usually doesn’t leave another until I find one.”

The girl explained in an Imgur post that the reason her dad does this, is because she would not accept the money he wanted to give her when he came over for dinner. Also, she thanks her amazing father by cooking him huge meals. Dinner aside, the dad doesn’t even need a simple “thank you” or anything else that would acknowledge his sneaky gifts. “He just likes getting the pics and sends back the sunglasses guy.” He leaves money everywhere – the kitchen, behind lights, in a guitar, or stashed away in books – all over the place, reports Bored Panda. 

“Sometimes my dad hides money for me in random places”


“He never lets me know when he’s done it”


“He’s a sweet weirdo”


Who wouldn’t want to have a father like this?


This guy is so cool.


And fun.


He literally puts the bills anywhere and everywhere.


Nice additions to those flowers.


Oh, there you are.


Happier days are truly around the corner.


Source: Boredpanda