Meet The Latest Favorite Meme: ‘Gym Kardashian’

Gym Kardashian, Muscle Kim, or GYM KIM? Oh, I think I should provide you with some background information. The first hint is: Memes. The second one: Kim Kardashian. The third one: Gym.

Let’s connect all these three together. Kim Kardashian is one of those persons who motivates us to leave the laziness away and hit the gym. If you would only check her workout routines and then her toned body, you can’t help but be inspired by her determination and workout regime.

But, oh memes! Memes are there to turn even the simplest and innocent picture into one of their kind. And the picture you thought had no chance to be a victim of memes, well… not really! Memes are there wherever, whenever.

I think, with the last meme circling around the internet, we may have found the relative of ‘Poot Lovato’ meme.

Everybody, let me introduce you to the Gym Kardashian! Gym Kardashian, readers!

It all started when earlier this week, one Twitter user posted a photoshopped photo of Kim Kardashian West. Instead of her normal, toned arms, they replaced them with a set of rock-hard biceps. I guess this was one of the reasons people can’t help but fall in love with it. The caption accompanying the picture was, well, hilarious as it gets!

“Me after opening someone’s water bottle because they couldn’t do it themselves,” @shadesof666 captioned the altered image of Kardashian West with her arms crossed.

In just a couple of days, this picture received over 220,000 likes and about 90,000 retweets.

Gym Kardashian

The meme name ‘Gym Kardashian’ came as an idea of one respondent. But, to be fair, there was even a poll, in which more than 7,000 respondents voted on whether the meme should be named Gym Kardashian, Muscle Kim, or GYM KIM.

Apparently, Gym Kardashian won in a landslide with 71% of the vote.

After the picture was posted, @Twizleyterrific went on and shared it alongside the caption, “GYM KARDASHIAN IS THE QUEEN!” The picture included an additional Gym Kardashian-inspired photo as well.

But, this wasn’t enough. Internet users went on adding more muscles to more pictures of Kim.

“Somebody said this is Gym Kardashian,” wrote another Twitter user.

Although the very defined muscles are fake, the meme name isn’t so far off. As we mentioned above, Kim Kardashian West often shares with her Instagram and Snapchat fans her workout routines and her healthy diet. “Every single day for over an hour,” is what she writes alongside her pictures. She also shares her protein shake recipes and different meals she consumes to keep her fit and healthy.

Back to the meme. I think this meme can relate to more than what people suggested. Maybe, ‘Me after bringing in all the groceries in one trip,’ or ‘Boy: Fight me! Me: *the Gym Kardashian meme* which can also be replaced by:

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