Ain’t No Fence Tall Enough To Keep These Two Dog Best Friends Apart

There is something incredibly moving about a friendship between two animals. Like that tiny little owl and the big dog who went everywhere together. Just adorable! Today we’re going to show you another amazing bromance, but this time it’s between two dogs. Their extraordinary bond and their excellent team-working skills were witnessed by a random bystander who, thankfully, immediately realized this was definitely a moment worthy of being immortalized on camera. So this kind soul recorded the whole exchange and later shared it with the world via her Facebook page.

Edith Govea from the city of San Luis Potosí in central Mexico was visiting some relatives when she bore witness to this heartwarming scene that is about to brighten your day. All she saw at first was this little cutie pie struggling to peak over a gate. But what Edith didn’t know was that the pup actually had a hidden agenda! *Dum dum dum duuum*


He was actually there to meet up with his pal, the German Sheppard. The two obviously have a very close-knit relationship as they greeted each other with an embrace.


Edith explained to The Dodo that the white dog belonged to a family who lives nearby and that he is allowed to go for a walk on his own. That’s how he met the German Sheppard and true friendship was born. But White Dog didn’t just come to say a quick hello. No, no, no! He came to spend some quality time with his buddy. Unfortunately, there was a seemingly insurmountable obstacle between the pair: a fence!


White Dog was determined, though. There was nothing that could stop him from getting to his mate! So he jumped on the wall, which looked to be too tall for the tiny dog, and he kept trying and trying and failing and trying some more to get his hind legs up there, but all of its efforts were in vain! Or so it seemed, until German Sheppard made an appearance and literally lent White Dog a helping paw. And it worked! White Dog was over the fence!

So it was time to get cozy and get caught up on each other’s adventures!


Or were they secretly plotting the next military offensive in the ever-raging Great Pet War?


“I thought it was something extremely nice and worthy of sharing,” Govea said. “I think it’s a sign of genuine friendship and love. Something we should see more among people.”

Source: Edith Govea

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