Did Fenty Beauty Just Replace This Girl’s Stolen Makeup?

We know it’s bad gal riri, but there’s nothing bad about Rihanna and she proves this every single day!


First she made the best makeup line that ever existed, she makes awesome music and is generally the Queen of clapbacks, but this time… This time a fan personally felt how cool she and her brand actually are.


A fan named Chiara told Twitter that on a recent trip to New Zealand, she not only had her luggage stolen…

…but her Fenty Beauty was taken too:

Naturally, people were devastated for her:

But then, the most unexpected, awesomest thing happened:

Meaning, Rihanna just won in customer service as well:

Of course the crowd went wild:

We’d ask ourselves the same thing:

And we couldn’t agree more:

That’s what we’d call a bad day turned amazing:

Source: meaww