Fierce And Badass Women Would Like These 16 Gift Ideas

There shouldn’t be a specific time to give someone a small gift to let them know that they have a significant part in your life or that you value their friendship. However, holidays are a great excuse to do so. You probably have a friend that is a really independent and fierce woman who is always the first one to defend women’s rights in your debates with your friends.

Or, maybe you’re a strong independent woman yourself. Of course you are.
For that purpose, here the list of feminist-inspired items that are perfect gifts for all your strong female friends and for yourself as well, courtesy of Diply.

1. Girl power sweatshirt

You can purchase this amazing girl power sweatshirt for around $23.95. Wear it proudly and show that you are a powerful, strong and fierce woman.


Source: Etsy | StyleEnvyCo

2. Sisterhood enamel pin

This is another great way for you and your friend to show your feminist support. This cheap pin (only $10.39) will look cool on your bag on your jean jacket.


Source: Etsy | GlitterPunkJewellery

3. Nasty woman tote bag

Get this feminist amazing Nasty Woman book bag for just $10. Cool, neat and in-your-face.


Source: Etsy | RebelEko

4.Feminist key fob

Get cute Key Fobs for your mother, yourself and your sister. It would cost you around $8 and plus it is adorable.4

Source: Etsy | minorthread

5. Female Symbol Earrings

These fierce feminine earrings could be a great gift for your own women for Christmas. Cute and cheap ($4.16)


Source: Etsy | CraftchemyGiftShop

6. Pizza-rolls-not-gender-roles T-Shirt

This badass and cool T-shirt would cost you around $15.95. It is available in black, maroon and grey. Also, it is available in sizes extra small to large.6

Source: Etsy | WildHeartsUSA

7. Pro choice, feminism and cats pin

Um, shut up and take my money?! It costs only $9.70.


Source: Etsy | Punkypins

8. Femme T-Shirt

These edgy femme T-shirts ($21) are available in pink with red font and white with black font.


Source: Etsy | palmparty

9. Strong female lead shirt

This is another cool and bold T-shirt that will go perfectly with jeans. The Strong Female Lead ($19.99) is available in nine different colors.


Source: Etsy | ElloElloStore

10. ‘Nevertheless she persisted’ ring

Carry your support for feminism on your finger. This nevertheless-she-persisted ring comes in sizes from 5 to 13 and you could purchase it for $15.


Source: Etsy | TheSilverDiva

11. Girl almighty pin

This girl almighty pin with floral print ($3.99) is perfect for your jacket, jeans or on your bag. Or as a gift for that cute baby girl your friend gave birth to!11

Source: Etsy | FabulouslyFeminist

12. Princess Leia feminism patch

Honor Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia, who was one of the original feminists in the pop culture, with this patch that costs around $5.61.


Source: Etsy | ImBookishandBakewell

13. Feminist necklace

Take a look at this badass necklace ($21). You could choose any feminist phrase and put it on there. There are two colors you could choose from and also different chain lengths.


Source: Etsy | FierceDeer

14. ‘Don’t tell me to smile’ T-Shirt

One of the most annoying and irritating phrases you can say to a girl is: “You should smile more.” No one can tell a girl what to do. This don’t-tell-me-to-smile T-Shirt will state that for only $24.14

Source: Etsy | SarahDuyer

15. A feminist pendant

This dope and simple feminist pendant ($13) would look amazing on your necklace, bracelet, zipper, keychain and with anything you could attach it to.


Source: Etsy | mLightly

16. Warrior gym bag

Purchase this awesome sports bag ($31.86) to remind yourself how powerful you are every time you get tired of the gym. Or, you could buy this as a present to your friend who is obsessed with working out.


Source: Etsy | HelloVeraActiveWear

*Note that the prices are subject to change.

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