Filipino Beauty Company Releases Only One Lipstick And They Need To Restock It All The Time

Being part of the beauty community is honestly hard, being innovative, coming up with new ideas and stuff that no one has done yet is quite the struggle. And the demand to find new things, interesting things gets more and more difficult every day. Now every makeup brand has to start somewhere right? And as the company grows the more products they will release.


Well, this Filipino beauty company can’t focus on releasing new stuff just yet because of the highly requested product. And it’s only one.

filipino beauty brand lipstick

Let’s start by the founders of Sunnies Face, Martine Ho, Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee, and Eric Dee, they did not expect the business to grow so quickly just by selling one product, I mean who would have thought honestly? They were are very surprised at the pace that the lipstick, the only product they sell, was selling out.

Yes, the only thing they sell is a liquid lipstick, which is called Fluffmate and there are nine shades! And all of the colors regularly need restocking. One of the co-founders did an interview with Bustle where she said:

We started with over 350 testing colors in over 22 different formulas. It was non-stop testing on each and every skin tone. From Caucasian tones, to light-skinned Asian complexions, to fairer mestizas, to warmer tones, to richer morena skin — we tried it on everyone.

So basically, if the color did not look good on every skin tone, it wouldn’t make the cut. You can see the inclusivity and on their Instagram page and on the promotional pictures of the product. Ever since the launch on the early-August, the brand has gained over 130,000 followers and they keep growing and growing.


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Followers go as far as celebrities, Christina Aguilera and Amandla Sternberg were seen wearing the Fluffmate lipstick. The shades are Nudist (a warm almond nude), Milkshake (warm pink nude), Vacay (peachy papaya), Baked (terracotta peach), Girl Crush (terracotta rose), 143 (berry rose), Mood (taupe mauve), Hot Sauce (tomato red), and Major (“most perfect” cool red).

Will you be trying any of these shades? I sure am!

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Source: Sunniesface