Finally, Farah Dhukai Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Skin

Meet Farah Dhukai, the Canda-based makeup influencer who has over 6 million followers. She is not stopping with her innovative videos. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, a natural look, or a face mask, Farah gives excellent tips. She is not only a makeup artist, but also a blogger and a hairdresser.

Thirty-year-old Farah is bringing you some excellent natural looks.

“When bae says ‘I think we should see different ppl’ Me: COO no prob ^^^who you wanna see today baebae”

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When bae says “I think we should see different ppl” Me: COO no prob ^^^who you wanna see today baebae FACE: Toner: @pixibeauty Glow Tonic to Go to clean up my skin Glow drops: @farsalicare Rose Gold Elixir + Unicorn Essence to prime Foundation: @hudabeauty Faux Filter in Baklava applied with a silicone brush then blended with @beautyblender Concealer: @urbandecaycosmetics All nighter in Medium-Light Neutral massaged into my under eye using my blue balls (more info two videos back!) .. this really helps with puffyness and making my under eye look plump and smooth all day Contour: @tomford Shade and Illuminate Intesity #2 – listen fam.. if youre only going to invest in 1 cream contour for the rest of your life.. make it this one. Ive been using it for 5 years and it. is. the. best. thing. ever. I know its expensive but totally worth it! Powder: @lamer The Powder – i dont like to bake .. i like to push it into my skin to lock my concealer into place..and i picked up too much and inhaled it lollllll Highlighter: #farsalicare Jelly Beam – applied with a silicone brush and then blended with my finger Blush/Bronzer: #hudabeauty Bronze Sands – bora bora as a blush + aruba as a bronzer.. ^^^^this highlight/blush routine = my FAV! I love skin that looks glistening and wet EYES: @modelsownofficial Barely There eyeshadow palette – i like creating a rounder shape with my eyes lately using darker colours around the eye and then have the lid very neutral and almost skintone ☕️@maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner pencil in Glazed Toffee #JELLYBEAM to highlight my brow bone @eyerisbeauty Oshun lashes LIPS: @ctilburymakeup Pillow Talk lip liner @iluvsarahii X @colourpopcosmetics Curvii lip gloss SONG: @emiliaali – Bored HAIR: @thevirginhairfantasy WHATS YOUR STAR SIGN? Comment below! Im a SAGITTARIUS! ♐️

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Want to get perfect skin like hers?

She says that she has been doing this for the last 5 months and the results are incredible.

Here is a tutorial on her secret skin routine:

IVE BEEN DOING THIS TO MY FACE FOR THE LAST 5 MONTHS AND ITS FACE CHANGING HOW? ☄️#1 – it increases blood circulation so it makes my skin look FRESH AND GLOWY ALL DAY #2 – it chisels your face and makes it look naturally contoured #3 – it minimizes pores … YAY SMOOTHER looking skin! #4 – it soothes pimples and helps clear your skin! My skin been rough dis week from travelling #5 – it tightens your skin and legit makes it look like youve had botox. I get asked EVERYDAY if i get filler and NOPE! #6 – it gets rid of DARK CIRCLES and PUFFY TIRED EYES!!! how fam?? the caffeine in my matcha mixture helps with swelling and the cold massage drains excess fluids (puffiness) ⏰THIS IS MY 2 MIN MORNING ROUTINE! First of all,i DONT WASH MY FACE. STOP cleansing your face in the morning if you were good and washed/cleansed all ur makeup off the night before! I just rinse with water! Doing this has STOPPED my skin from getting oily + causing breakouts! Second.. get some globes/bulbs/frozen balls! *i got mine off amazon -search “ice globes” ❄️You can use ice for this but IMHO globes are easier, reusable, more sanitary, give you a MASSAGE (this is important) and you can use them for your DARK CIRCLES/EYE BAGS without dripping water everywhere! ⛄️i sanitize my globes with some alcohol and pop them in a ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer so i can reuse them every morning 🙂 Massaging your skin with Ice cold globes helps your skincare absorb better and penetrate deeper into your skin! You can use ANY OIL/SERUM/MOISTURIZER YOU WANT for this.. but lately ive been using my mix of matcha, rosewater + apricot oil! (1tbsp matcha, 3 tbsp rosewater, 1 tbsp apricot oil)no need to rinse! It absorbs quick ❤️ ☕️matcha is SO good for your skin! I like to apply it and drink it (it kinda tastes like soil to me but whtv lol) its great for acne, it heals damaged skin, + lightens dark spots. the caffeine wakes ur skin up and gives it a boost! ❤️TAG A FRIEND WHO CUD USE SOME FROZEN RED BALLS ON THEIR FACE! LIKE dis video for ya girllll + COMMENT WHAT YOUD LIKE TO SEE DIY’D NEXT ☺️ song: @jutesmusic – everything Disclaimer: test patch 1st!

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Inexpensive makeup can make you glow

ISSA FULL FACE INEXPENSIVE/DRUGSTORE LOOK cuz U dont need to spend a lot of $$$ to look FLY AF BROWS: I used my DIY BROW GROWTH SERUM (2 videos back) as a gel to hold my brows in place and then I wanted to make them *slightly* thicker so i used #maybelline BROW TATTOO in Deep brown.. i went overboard and ended up looking like bert and ernie cuz my forehead is so small, but i was too committed by the time i finished so.. Hey wudup these are my brows Fert and Fernie EYES: I used my concealer as my eyeshadow primer +all the shadows im using are by @colourpopcosmetics HEAR ME OUT eyeshadow on the inner corner = $5 WAIT FOR IT all over the lid and lower lashline = $5 TOP NOTCH with a smaller brush on the lower lashline to add more depth = $5 ☁️and CLOUD NINE for some mo depth $5 @maybelline Lasting drama gel pencil in SLEEK ONYX as a liner = $7 @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada WORTH THE HYPE mascara = $8 love this mascara atm! look how insane it made my #REALLASHES look! FACE: PRIMER: GREEN TEA – my skin has been ROUGH over the last couple days and green tea is great at healing your skin, waking it up, getting rid of redness so I needs it FOUNDATION: @lagirlcosmetics Pro Matte Foundation in WARM SIENNA + SAND = $10 this foundation is Amazing! I have to mix two colours cuz one doesnt match me perf, but im not even mad cuz the finish is everything! it reminds me of a $10 version of the La Mer foundation CONCEALER/CONTOUR: @maybelline Age Rewind concealer in MEDIUM= $8 and HAZELNUT to contour with ❄️POWDER: @rcmamakeup NO COLOR Powder = $12 Ive been using this for 2+ years now and I can confidently say this is the best. inexpensive. powder. ever. ☺️BLUSH: #colourpopcosmetics WAIT FOR IT eyeshadow = $5 im not a blush wearing kinda girl so sometimes i just use my colourful shadows as blush ⚡️HIGHLIGHT: @wetnwildbeauty PRECIOUS PETALS MegaGlo highlighting powder = $5 LIPS: @lorealmakeup MATTE-STERMIND Lip Liner = $9 @milanicosmetics Keep it full Gloss in CHAMPAGNE = $9 Song: @prekairo x @olsem – el camino What would you name your brows? LIKE THIS VID for more INEXPENSIVE LOOKS! Ilysm fam!!☺️❤️

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Here is another interesting way to treat irritated skin.

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