“First Dates” Contestant Reveals She Has No Hair On Her First Date

When Eve Betts appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates she was honest with her date right away and told him that she suffers from alopecia and has no hair. The-22-year-old removed the wig in front of her date Jordan, who is a teaching assistant from Pontypool, and brought viewers to tears.

Source: Channel 4

The Beauty therapist from Pontyrhyl, Wales opened up about her condition and said: “This is probably the weirdest date I’ve ever been on,” However, her date looked amazingly supportive and understanding and even encouraged the girl to continue the night without her wig on.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to do beauty was because I went through school and I was bullied. I didn’t have any eyebrows” Eve explained.

“I don’t ever feel upset about it. But]it’s really hard. My parents have to save really hard for me to have nice hair.My dad, he works so hard. He drew on my first set of eyebrows. I’d love somebody like my dad – a bit taller, but he’s got no hair like me, so somebody with a bit more hair to give our kids a chance.” she added.



Of course people on Twitter got teary eyed and emotional.

Alopecia is a hair-loss condition that affects one in every 100 people in the UK.  Eve started losing her hair when she was just three years old.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4
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