Eye Tracking Technology Reveals The Things Women Notice In Men First

Well, we’re pretty far from summer, the time when everyone wants to get that beach body (and almost everyone fails), but the holiday season is upon us, and I bet you’ll be mingling with more people than usual. And if you’re a guy, and just in case you wanted to impress somebody –  here’s a brief reminder of what the ladies pay attention to most, thanks Providr.

Nowadays, attraction – that necessary prerequisite to mating – is seemingly a lot more complex than it was millions of years ago. Back then you could just wallow in mud for a couple of days and before you know – WHAM! – you got laid, because someone else wallowed in the same mud and they liked you by proxy. Wooo!

Of course, it wasn’t quite like that, but compared to what we have now, the simplicity feels right.

Instead of being animals, today we have these things called technology and social media.


Very, very unpleasant inventions. But hey, if you can’t beat them, join them, right?

And to do that, you’ll have to know what women ACTUALLY stare at. Like, not what they SAY they stare at, but where their eyes involuntarily dart to as soon as they notice a man who they want to check out. Well, scientists finally sat down and tracked the eye movements of women when they were checking out men. Hera are the results.

Hmmm, what are they looking at, exactly? His face? His personality? Nope.


Researchers found that in a summer-time context (beach, a pool) women’s eyes first flew to a man’s stomach, i.e. his abs.


While that’s good news for gym buffs, wait until you hear more. Apparently, that’s only important if a woman just wants a fling with a guy, so she’s checking out his physique. But other research found that women who are looking for a stable, long-term relationship, are actually more comfortable with someone who has a so-called ‘dad bod’. Which is kind of logical, when you think about it.

This guy? Great fling, terrible dad, women’s eyes seem to say.


After analyzing a man’s torso, women will then check out his biceps and shoulders.


Scientists found that looking at a man’s crotch is only a thing for very few women.


However, remember all that mattered in naked-y, summertime situations, where people are kinda naked. But in a more conventional setting, like on the street, in a bar or at work, women’s eyes were looking at men’s eyes first. Which… is called making eye contact, you know, and both men and women do it. Next, the female gaze would move to analyze a man’s smile, and lastly, she’ll try to gauge how tall he is.

In conventional situations, women look at the eyes first. But doesn’t everyone?


Scientists also found that women checked out how men’s hands looked. They preferred clean hands.


Lastly, a woman will look at a man’s clothes, analyzing his style and attire.


In conclusion, the research suggested that women liked confident men more than those who were shy and reserved.

Source: providr

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