Fishtail Brows: The Latest Eyebrow Trend That’s Sweeping Instagram

People just love playing with their hair, don’t they? Cutting it, dyeing it, styling it… It’s just so much fun! But sometimes it’s not enough to tinker with the hair on our heads. No, no, no! We want to continue the party and next up on our to-play-with list are our eyebrows!

Over the last couple of years, there have been so many weird and wacky eyebrow trends that it’s almost unbelievable. There were the squiggle brows, the McDonald’s brows, the Nike swoosh brows, the feather brows, and one eyebrow style that’s never gone out of style is the unibrow, mainly because it was never in style, to begin with.

The latest development in this department is the fishtail brows, according to Four Nine. And what a trend it is! Worthy of opening the year 2018! So worthy! And it’s very simple! You just separate the hairs of your eyebrow to make it look like a fishtail, with one “fin” pointing up, and the rest left as is. It’s a really cool look, apparently, at least that’s what Instagram seems to think. Every eyebrow trend ever invented has become a trend thanks to the social media website, and this one was no different. Once makeup mogul Huda Kattan shared it with her 24.5 million followers, it spread online like wildfire.

Opinions on the look vary from ‘it looks nice’ to ‘this is the devil’s business’, but the prevalent feeling is that it’s ‘fun’. Check it out.


Huda herself thinks they look a bit devilish, and some of her followers agreed that it’s quite scary and that perhaps it would be best left for Halloween. “Nice make up but that’s terrifying,” one commenter wrote, and another was only able to scream “Noooooooooo” in sheer terror.  And there were those who saw it as ‘fun’ and even ‘cute’… “Always another brow trend, it’s cute tho” wrote one user.


Apparently, it’s super easy to create the fishtail look. Draw the upper ‘fin’ with an eyebrow pencil and use concealer to create the gap in the eyebrow hair.


Does it look like a fishtail or like devil horns?


Hmmm… Not sure…


But the plot thickens! The first person who came up with this whole mess actually faked it! It was just a master of Photoshop at work! @skyzeditz started a new trend by digitally altering some of the top beauty experts.

Fishtail Brows on @hayley_bui I love this trend

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They even photoshopped Rihanna!

Do you guys like fishtail brows? real vs fishtail @badgalriri

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And here is a tutorial on how to achieve the look straight from the person who originally came up with it. It’s a Photoshop tutorial, of course.

Fishtail Brow Tutorial @hudabeauty #fishtailbrows

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What do you make of the new fishtail trend? Fancy giving it a go?

Source: Fournine