Fitness Model Is Too Beautiful For Her Friends

Can you be too beautiful for the people around you? This is what one woman thought of herself after her marriage ended. The slim 51-year-old model constantly gets attention by men whenever she is with her female friends. That’s why she thinks everyone hates her and she barely has any friends. Not a fun situation to be in.




Fitness model Jane Curnow has sensationally claimed that she is so beautiful that even her female friends are jealous of her. Curnow said she realized that her looks were a problem when she returned to dating after the breakdown of her marriage. Then, she would go to bars with her girlfriends like other single women and she realized her looks were a “curse”.


“After my second marriage ended, I entered the single scene and quickly realized just how much attention men were giving me,” the Australian revealed to

“I’d get constant looks and comments and felt like men were undressing me with their eyes.”


“Women were (and still are) jealous and resentful towards me, but at the time I didn’t put it down to my looks and their own insecurities.”

Was she right?



“I’ve lost many friends and always thought it was my fault,” she said.

“I didn’t attribute it to my looks until my 30s, when so-called friends walked out on me in bars because of the male attention I received.”

At the age of 32, the model was diagnozed with depression. It was all due to her appearance. Jane even attempted suicide twice, but her passion for bodybuilding saved her.

“On reflection, I realized the power of my appearance, but the resulting feelings were not of pride or happiness, but of incredible pressure,” she said.

“I asked myself; If I’m as good looking as everyone says, then why am I so unhappy? Why aren’t I living the dream?”

She continued:


“If you don’t love yourself without the body and looks, this doesn’t change when you do. In fact, it only highlights how much you hate the person inside. You end up attaching your self-worth to the outside which is the wrong way around.”

Her life changed only after she became a fitness fanatic in her 40s, and after she finished the battle with depression.

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Source: Viralthread