Instagram Fitness Trainer Posts Before And After Lunch Pictures Showing No One Is “Perfect”

With social media, the way we represent ourselves online has become a thing of great importance. Especially with all the so-called, recently emerged Instagram models posting pictures of their lavish lifestyles, picture-perfect clothes and makeup and their slim, toned, post-workout physique. However, everyone, but younger generations especially, need to realize that what we see on Instagram or any other social media, is not always reality.

One type of social media influencer is the fitness trainers who upload pictures of their daily workout routines or meal plans to their thousands of followers in order to steer them towards a healthier lifestyle. Seeing them and their perfect bodies it’s easy to be made to feel bad about yourself. “Why can’t my body look like that?”, you think.

Well, Sophie Allen, one of these online fitness coaches, has decided to set the record straight and assure everyone that even though they might look “perfect”, these Instagram models are not as flawless as you might think – they are human after all.


In order to achieve abs you’ll have to adopt a pretty strict workout routine and commit to eating healthy.


But even if you do manage to get abdominal muscles your stomach is not always going to look completely flat and defined – it will change depending on the time of day.


If you look at the pictures Sophie has posted on Instagram you can see she really has worked hard for her body – she looks strong, defined and many would say, perfect. But being aware of the many body image issues people are facing these days, she decided to post two pictures, one before lunch and one after, showing that even her body does not always look “perfect.”

Speaking to Metro Sophie said:

“I know so many people who experience this and it can be quite a lonely, disheartening feeling, thinking you’re doing everything right, but have this protruding belly for a lot of the day.

“I post a lot of posed, flexed photos because I’m proud of my hard work, but I would hate for someone to think that I look like this all day every day, so bursting the bubble that is the Instagram highlight reel is really important to me.”

“They’re standards that most of us can’t live up to 24/7, and we ultimately end up feeling not good enough because we don’t look like the fitness Instagrammer who took the photo first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.”

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Source: Foodenvy