Fitness Vlogger Shows The Reality Behind “Transformation” Photos

For all the many benefits that social media health and fitness bloggers bring by encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles, they can also leave you feeling pretty bad about yourself. Seeing people living such healthy, organized lives with their meal plans and exercise routines can be quite the blow to your self-esteem.

And the thing that can leave you feeling most discouraged is the “transformation” photos, which people post to show off their weight loss, or the effects of a new workout routine. But Lauren Tickner, a London-based fitness and body positivity vlogger wants you to know that those pictures are often not as impressive as they seem.

Lauren recently viral with an Instagram post about transformation photos where she shows how easy it is to fake your transformation. You can just change your posture.

The caption of the image reads:

“POSTURE changes EVERYTHING! Posing is SO powerful: what you see of people on social media is NOT how they look 24/7 in real life! 👉🏼 I know that if I arch my spine and pop my hip, I can make my stomach look flatter & my butt look bigger. Of course, some people DO have big bums & flat stomachs 💖 Similarly, slouching and ‘letting go’ of my stomach after a big meal makes it appear more bloated: it’s just how it is! Tucking your spine will make your butt look flatter: you can literally make your body look SO different, just by standing differently!”

“People will always speak negatively about others: it’s horrible, but sadly it is just a fact of life. I receive all of these comments 👆🏼 all the time, but thankfully for the more negative ones, I have thick skin. I used to even say these things to myself 😔 BUT now I have learned that if I see a ‘bad’ photo of myself, it is OKAY!!!!! It doesn’t matter!!! As we see here, angles and posture are everything! Similarly, IDGAF if other people want to comment mean things, because I have learned to accept my body and love it for what it is. Your body is so incredibly powerful: give it some credit

I also know how to pose to make myself look ‘best’.”

She then continues:

“I don’t care how ‘overdone’ people say these photos are: I think they are SO important. I sometimes still stumble across a photo and think “agh, I wish I looked like that…” BUT, they uploaded that photo for a REASON! They probably took 10000 others and chose that ONE photo. (I know I’m guilty of taking looooads before having ma money shot ✨) PLUS, for all I know, they photoshopped that photo! Take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt!”

Her post got a lot of encouragement from her followers with over 31k likes and hundreds of comments:

In another post, Lauren added that “water retention” affects your body’s appearance as well:

“Holding water can make you look ‘fatter’. The left was yesterday morning (8ish) after my 24 hour journey home from Bali. The right is this morning, again at around 8am.

The difference: I LOST WATER WEIGHT ..I don’t know exactly how many pounds/kilos worth of weight is between these pics because I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks, BUT the reason why I look a lil fluffier/more bloated in the left photo is due to my bod retaining a lot of water: long haul flights do this to you (sitting upright for a long time, the high sodium in-flight meals, minimal sleep & jet-leg, change in air pressure, etc)”

She encouraged people not to base their progress on appearance because of how easily it changes, and added you should “Just be calm, drink your water, NEVER under-eat”

So, listen to Lauren’s words of wisdom people, stop comparing yourself to others and go live your best stress-free lives.

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