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Save Hundreds Of Dollars With This Five-Minute ‘Water Bottle Hair Curling Hack’

Save Hundreds Of Dollars With This Five-Minute ‘Water Bottle Hair Curling Hack’

In a world where time and money are always in short supply and must be conserved, finding a way to streamline, cheapen, and make affordable many of our daily-or-not routines, and at the same time challenge the status quo with solutions like the water bottle technique, it’s a challenge itself. Uhm, didn’t I tell you about it? The ‘water bottle technique’ is the latest ‘technology’ which will save you hundreds of dollars and your hair from damaging. Oh, and will style your hair as well!

Hair is an asset in our life, in which we spend a considerate amount of time to protect it from external or internal factors. Not to continue with hundreds of dollars we may spend in styling it and the extra effort we put into maintaining a silky, healthy mane.

When we theoretically talk about this still-mysterious tool, it’s okay if you are a skeptic. But, after you will see or try to put it into practice, you will convince yourself. And the good part is, it doesn’t really cost an arm and a leg.

What we are talking here is an innovative tool which doesn’t use an intricate application to style your hair. And the result? Oh-so-bouncy curls, same as the one you get in a salon or from those curling-irons.

Thrifty beauty bloggers and beauty gurus have been trying the new water bottle technique, and according to them, you will end up with identical results to the high-tech styler.

The one to try this technique was also the Dubai-based influencer, Huda Kattan. She suggests using a sawed-off water bottle to help your tresses transform into perfect waves in only five minutes. According to her, this technique is as an alternative to the new Dyson Airwrap which costs around £399.88 from most retailers.

This video will prove all the above-mentioned info, so don’t hesitate to give it a look:

Below you will find the whole step-by-step process:

Huda Kattan advises cutting off the top of the bottle with a stanley knife so that one end is sealed and the other open:
Water bottle hair curling hack

Make an incision halfway down the makeshift barrel that’s wide enough to fit a hairdryer nozzle into. (2 cm longer than your hairdryer nozzle and 3 cm in width):

Water bottle hair curling hack

Take a small section of your hair, twist it gently and put it inside the bottle:

Water bottle hair curling hack

Insert the hairdryer nozzle into the bottle through the cut gap and turn it on. Leave it for about 30 seconds. Take care of the bottle, as it gets hot due to the hairdryer. Using gloves can be a solution to help you with that.

Remove your hair from the bottle and spray with hairspray. Repeat the process with the rest of your hair; small sections at a time.

Water bottle hair curling hack

The result:

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Water bottle hair curling hack

Beautiful as it gets!

Water bottle hair curling hack

As for the £400 Dyson’s new Airwrap, it is the result of over 6 years of researching different types of hair. This revolutionary tool uses air instead of damaging heat to curl your hair.

Regarding it, Huda Kattan wrote: “While we understand that it’s the most innovative tool the hair styling industry has seen in decades, there’s no denying that it’s a lot of money. So when we came across a curling hack that mimics the same drying technique, but you only need a plastic bottle to fulfill your hair dreams (not a month’s rent) we had to give it a go.”

As for the ‘water bottle cheap alternative’, she said that they had to try to believe, despite there were many videos of this new styling hack. “Although we had seen a few videos, we were still slightly skeptical until we saw the curls for ourselves. Obviously, it doesn’t have the hair saving technology as the Dyson Airwrap, or the various brushes and drying options, but it does deliver the same bouncy curls, and possibly even quicker than the Airwrap. We’re sold!”

Source: Dailymail


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