This ‘Best Buy’ Flyer From 1994 Will Remind You Of The Hottest Technology Items From Your Childhood

In the midst of all the advanced technology madness, including the new iPhone X, it’s becoming difficult to look back and remember how it all was. Time obscures memory and many things that seemed so important are quickly forgotten, but thanks to a Best Buy flyer from 1994 that has surfaced online, you can now see what were the trendiest items 23 years ago. Remember the Motorola phone? Or the Super Nintendo? Just make sure to not forget about your Lion King soundtrack CD.

It seems like everything was much simpler and glorious in the 90’s, before Tinder, GPS-tracking each other on Snapchat, and Instagram, but of course, that’s what nostalgia does to you. Even though those magical times are gone now, at least we, the (un)lucky old buggers who have experienced then can take a stroll down memory lane with this amazing promotional flyer from the year when the soccer World Cup came to the United States.

A big shout goes out to BoredPanda for unearthing this gem. Don’t be afraid to take a teary-eyed look and make sure you let us know about your favorite items. Enjoy!

1. Multimedia computer system


Source: DjPsykoM1

2. Motorola Meteor, cellular phone with accessories


Source: DjPsykoM1

3. Magnavox VHS-C Camcorder


Source: DjPsykoM1

4. Fantastic flicks for less


Source: DjPsykoM1

5. Magic land


Source: DjPsykoM1

6. Accura internal fax/modem


Source: DjPsykoM1

7. Take me back, please!


Source: DjPsykoM1

8. Sanyo 25” color TV


Source: DjPsykoM1

9. Heaven in your kitchen


Source: DjPsykoM1


If you still feel like the 1990s happened only a decade ago, here’s more.

From: boredpanda